Bosch 10.8v 2Ah Cordless Tools - New for 2014

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bosch 10.8v 2ah power tools

Keep scrolling for our exclusive photos and videos of some great new tools!

Why use a power tool that's bigger than you need it to be? And why be tethered to a power cord when you can rely on a good quality, high capacity lithium-ion battery pack?

Bosch has answered both these questions with a simple "you don't have to". For a long time Bosch has pioneered the development of cordless power tools that provide you with the specification you need while keeping the size and weight to a minimum.


Quite simply through the use of 10.8v lithium-ion battery packs.

These packs are small and light, they slot into the handle of the power tool, and with the release of the upgraded 2Ah versions, you're now getting even longer run-times per charge than ever before. We're used to seeing these battery packs in drills and drill/drivers from Bosch, and we know a lot of you have already invested in these pieces of 10.8v li-ion kit.

In this guide we'll show you 3 new 10.8v li-ion cordless tools from Bosch and show you why you should be adding to your kit box now, especially if you've already invested in the German company's 10.8v li-ion platform.

Bosch GKS10.8V-LI Cordless Circular Saw - click to buy

Bosch GKS10.8V-LI Cordless Circular SawCircular saws are perfect for cutting straight, clean and true, especially through MDF, chipboard and laminates. There are loads on the market for you to choose from, click here for our buying guide.

Bosch GKS10.8V-LI Cordless Circular SawThe GKS10.8V-Li is supplied in an L-Boxx with two 2Ah batteries and weighs in at only 1.4kg, while allowing you to cut up to 26.5mm in depth at 90 and up to 20m of MDF on a single charge. Quite a performance from such a small and comfortable saw.

The saw takes 85mm blades with a bore diameter of 15mm, one of which is supplied in the box.

Supplied also is a dual purpose guide. As you'd expect the guide can be used as a parallel fence, but unslot it, flip it over and it can be used with Bosch's FSN guiderail system, which is a great feature.

Bosch GKS10.8V-LI Cordless Circular SawCutting man-made boards creates hazardous dust, so it's great to see the GKS10.8V-Li circular saw designed to include a dust extraction port which slots into Bosch's dust extractor systems.

The base plate is made from robust aluminium and a bright LED light is included at the front of the blade to help you see your cutting line in dark work spaces.
Bosch GKS10.8V-LI Cordless Circular Saw

See it in action on Toolstop TV by clicking here, or watch in the player below.

Bosch GST10.8V-LI Cordless Jigsaw - click to buy

Bosch GST10.8V-LI Cordless JigsawCordless jigsaws are becoming more and more popluar (click for our buying guide), and we know loads of you guys have already made the switch to lithium-ion battery power for your jigsaws.

So we're excited to see Bosch scaling down the cordless jigsaws in their stable to create slim, barrel grip designed GST 10.8V-Li. It weighs a mere 1.5kg including the battery, but will give you cuts of up to 70mm which is incredible when you consider how small and compact the jigsaw is.

The barrel grip designgives you fantastic control over the jigsaw while you cut due to your hand being close to the cutting line, but it allows means you can make inverted cuts in your material. Your cutting line is illuminated by the fitted LED work light which you can switch on or off via the red button next to the battery charge indicator.

3 stage pendulum helps you cut through thicker pieces and the fabled Bosch SDS tool-less blade change is to be found, which means touch-free blade ejection; no more burnt fingers. Dust extraction is available via the fitted dust port and the jigsaw comes with a scratch protection cover for the base plate.

We've got a demo of the Bosch GST10.8V-Li in action, click to watch it on Toolstop or in the player below.

Bosch GRO10.8V-LI Cordless Rotary Tool - click to buy

Bosch GRO10.8V-LI Cordless Rotary Tool
The idea isn't new, we've all seen this type of tool before with the Dremel brand name. Of course, Dremel is a Bosch brand, so perhaps it isn't a surprise to see Bosch release a professional grade rotary tool, complete with two 2Ah 10.8v li-ion batteries.
Bosch GRO10.8V-LI Cordless Rotary Tool
Ergonomics are what you'd expect from a Bosch tool, the GRO10.8V-Li fits perfectly in your hand and has the soft, rubbery grips where you need them most.

The motor gives you up to 35,000rpm via the variable speed dial and is protected by Bosch's brilliant Electronic Cell Protection which will safeguard the tool against overload, overheating and deep discharge. So if you're trying to cut a piece of metal and you don't have the rpms high enough the tool will cut out to protect it. Just turn it off and on again and you're good to go.
Bosch GRO10.8V-LI Cordless Rotary Tool
An LED light is fitted just above the removeable collet giving you plenty of illumination for those cutting, sanding, routing, polishing and grinding jobs.
Bosch GRO10.8V-LI Cordless Rotary Tool
Supplied in the L-Boxx, along with the two batteries and charger, is a range of accessories including an arbour, collet, cutting disc and a wrench. And the great news is the GRO 10.8V-Li is compatible with the whole army of Dremel accessories, which you can find here.

You can see it in action on Toolstop TV by clicking here, or watch in the player below.

We want to know what you think of these new tools, plus tell us what you'd like to see Bosch add to the 10.8v range in the comments below!


Siacri Six on Tue, 10 Nov 2015 04:19:21 +0000 (Likes: 0 / Dislikes: 0

So what happened to the bosch 10.8v circular? You gotta be in europe to get the good stuff! I cant even find a eu. seller that will ship this tool to the us. Except one who wanted an extra u.s.$150 just to ship!

Scott on Mon, 25 May 2015 18:47:01 +0100 (Likes: 0 / Dislikes: 0

Can you get a metal cutting blade for the GKS 10.8v

Toolstop on Mon, 18 May 2015 07:55:10 +0100 (Likes: 0 / Dislikes: 0

No, I don't think they do

Richie Hall on Sun, 17 May 2015 01:00:53 +0100 (Likes: 0 / Dislikes: 0

I heard a rumour that Bosch 2Ah batteries will fit a Dremel 8200? Is this right?

steve on Fri, 16 Jan 2015 08:33:34 +0000 (Likes: 0 / Dislikes: 0

love to see a 10.8 dab radio

Scott Hudson on Mon, 07 Apr 2014 18:21:11 +0100 (Likes: 1 / Dislikes: 0

I know is not new but best bit of kit i have bought in years is the GSR 10.8V-EC HX Cordless Screwdriver don't know how I managed fitting kitchens with out it

Lars on Fri, 07 Mar 2014 19:02:49 +0000 (Likes: 0 / Dislikes: 0

I was hoping the circular would cut 28mm+ The size 28x70 is a common size on roofs and etc. I own 4 different 10.8v machines today and i am very satisfied with both ergonomy and what they are capable of. Better "ooks" on batteries would be nice though. They tend to crack when using the multicutter alot. Im looking forward to buy the new machines. Thanks:)

Toolstop on Fri, 14 Feb 2014 17:35:13 +0000 (Likes: 0 / Dislikes: 0

It is actually available - Bosch part number is 06015A1001 - at the time of writing it is not in stock at Toolstop and we only offer products we have in stock.

J. on Fri, 14 Feb 2014 17:20:11 +0000 (Likes: 0 / Dislikes: 0

I am a big fan of my 10.8v Bosch combi drill, which makes the jigsaw very attractive.
Any date on when the jigsaw comes out for sale naked?

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