Bosch FlexiClick System - What It Allows You to Do

Smaller bodies, better batteries, longer run-times. All of these are the defacto options most of us look for when we're upgrading our cordless power tools.

And the manufacturers haven't disappointed us. Each year we see greater capabilities from the latest cordless tools thanks to developments like brushless motors and higher capacity batteries.

One area that's grown recently is that of drill drivers that can accept a variety of different chucks. These tools allow us to perform applications that are typically tricky or awkward, and the adapters simply slot onto the front of our drill meaning that we can quickly go from one application, such as drill, to driving screws in tight corners quickly and easily.
Bosch GSR18FC2KIT FlexiClick

Bosch has added a new GSR18 tool to it's catalogue that boasts many of the spec we want from cordless drill driver. But this new tool adds a twist thanks to the supplied adapters.

It's called the GSR18FC2KIT, get yours here, which is the typical mouthful we expect from Bosch. But we're going to take a close look at what you get in the L-Boxx and why this could be a game changer for many of you.
Bosch GSR18FC2KIT FlexiClick

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Bosch GSR18FC2KIT - What is it?

Straight out of the L-Boxx the GSR18FC2KIT is a brushless 2 speed drill driver with a 1/4" hex chuck, bundled with two 4Ah CoolPack batteries which offer you more efficiency and longer runtimes per charge (eg. 826 screws (6 x 60 mm in softwood)). Once slotted onto the drill driver you'll have a compact and robust unit, as you'd expect from the German firm.

That's a box ticked; high capacity, efficient battery.

On top of that, the tool features a 4-pole motor and a newly engineered gearbox producing up to 50Nm of torque.

Bosch call it's brushless motors "EC" or Electronically Commutated, and you can read our report on what this technology will offer you here.

In short, the tools running these EC motors are more robust, smaller, lighter and run longer per fully charged battery. And that's certainly the case with the GSR18FC2KIT.

Watch Eric from Bosch explain it here.

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So, that's another box ticked; a brushless motor.

Bosch GSR18FC2KIT - What Can You Do With It?

The key benefit of this drill driver, apart from all the features above, is the FlexiClicksystem. This allows you to quickly and easily clip on one of the supplied adapters, locking it in place and giving you all the torque and power you need for the application you're performing.
Bosch GSR18FC2KIT FlexiClick

So, in addition to a great little, short-headed brushless drill driver and a couple of CoolPack batteries, the L-Boxx contains 4 adapters:

  • off-set adapter The hex tool holder is 11mm from the centre of the drill. This allows you to drive screws very close to the inside of kitchen cabinets, for example
  • keyless single-sleeve chuck. As you'd expect this will take your standard drill bits and has auto-lock
  • angled keyless single-sleeve chuck. Like the above adaptor, but this time it can be set at an angle that you require (from 12 pre-set positions), allowing you to very easily drill through joists, for example, in awkward spaces, with no gear reduction
  • SDS+ hammer adaptor. This is what truly sets the GSR 18 FC2KIT apart from the competition. With this adaptor your compact little brushless drill driver becomes a fully functioning SDS+ fixing hammer

Ok, let's pause here. Think about this. A 147mm long, 1.7kg brushless drill driver that can suddenly become 4,800 bpm fixing hammer?

Bosch GSR18FC2KIT FlexiClick

How is that possible?

According to Bosch its due to patented technology inside the SDS+ hammer adaptor itself. Once clicked onto the drill the hammer function comes from within the chuck, thereby allowing the drill driver to remain small, compact and light.


Bosch GSR18FC2KIT FlexiClick

So then, we've got an L-Boxx that includes two 4Ah 18v CoolPack batteries and a drill driver with all the power, functionality, adaptability and capability that most electricians, plumbers, kitchen fitters, etc could need. Right?

Here's Eric from Bosch again talking you through what the GSR 18FC 2 KIT can do for you

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We really want to know what you guys think about this development from Bosch? Genuine gamechager or just a bit of hype? Tell us in the comments below!

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