Bosch GAL 1880 & 3680 Chargers - Power Up Faster Than Ever

A huge part of the development in cordless power tools for professionals over the last few years has been the increase in battery capacity.

When we ditched our ni-cad batteries in favour of the more reliable and robust lithium-ion technology, of primary importance was the amount of charge the battery would hold, measured in ampere-hour (or amp-hour). To start with we had to make do with 3Ah, but as time progressed - and technology behind the lithium-ion cells improved - we saw an increase to 4Ah then 5Ah and beyond.
bosch cordless power tools

Read all about the batteries on offer from your favourite power tool companies here.

The major drawback of these higher capacity batteries, even though they'd give us longer runtimes for our cordless tools, is how long they take to charge.

Bosch has stepped up to the plate to address this niggle by releasing a new generation of lithium-ion battery charger that's designed to give you better charge times for your higher capacity battery packs.

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Bosch GAL 18 80 Multi-Volt Chargers - Power Up Faster Than Ever - shop here

Bosch GAL 1880 CV Battery Charger Multi-Volt Professional (14.4 - 18 V)   
On the outside the GAL 18 80 chargers look very similar to the older versions, but on the inside they're able to delivery an 8 ampere-hour charge to your batteries. As you'd expect they're fan cooled which helps keep the battery cool - or at least the temperature under control - while it charges. As we know, heat is like kryptonite to lithium-ion; the fuel cells degrade when the batteries get too hot.

Therefore a fan that pushes cooling air across the battery while it charges is great.

Aesthetically speaking, the chargers look robust. And the re-design includes a cable tidy portion, allowing you to wrap the power cord around the charger for easy storage.

Intelligence is a key benefit of the GAL 1880 and 3680 chargers. When you slide your lithium-ion pack onto the charger it'll determine exactly what type of battery you're using, the charge status, the temperature, etc and it will charge it in the most efficient time possible, bearing in mind the temperature of the cells within.

In terms of the batteries it will intelligently charge, you can slot in your 14.4v and 18v packs, regardless of ampere-hour, meaning the chargers are fully backwards compatible.

Bosch GAL 18 80 Chargers - What Charge Times Can You Expect - shop here

As we've already established, higher capacity batteries are great - longer runtimes between chargers - but the time needed to fully charge the battery is a vital ingredient, and one that'll affect our decision to upgrade our charger.
new fast bosch battery chargers

And because lithium-ion batteries don't charge in a linear fashion, you'll find your packs are at a usable charge state much faster than you'd expect. For example, a 4Ah 18v pack will be 80% charged in just 25 minutes.

80% is, for all intents and purposes, "full". You'll be able to get, for example, 1000 screws driven on an 80% charged battery.

This means you're high capacity packs will be spending less time on the charger, giving you more "up time" to get the jobs done.

The GAL 18 80 charger has a new indicator light on the front to tell absolutely the state of charge of your battery, meaning you'll know at a glance when you can remove it and slot it back into your power tool.

When the green light is "more on than off" you'll know that the battery is 80% or more full, it's ready to go.

What About 6Ah Batteries - How Long Do They Take to Charge on the GAL 18 80?

The benefit of a 6Ah battery, namely long runtimes per charge, could be outweighed by how long they take to refuel.

6ah bosch battery charge times

However, when slotted into the GAL 18 80 charger you'll find the battery will be fully charged in 50 minutes. And it'll be at a usable 80% in just 35 minutes.


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Bosch GAL 3680 multi-volt charger

Bosch GAL 3680 CV Multi-Volt Charger - Designed To Handle Your 36V Packs - Shop Here

Going further, Bosch has also launched a charger, specced exactly the same as detailed above, but thanks to the multi-volt intelligent system will fast charge your 14.4, 18v and 36v lithium-ion batteries too.

What's your thoughts on Bosch's new multi-volt fast chargers? Let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to SHARE this with your friends across your favourite social networks!


marsell on Tue, 03 May 2016 17:19:46 +0100 (Likes: 1 / Dislikes: 0

Nice improvement, bigger battery capacity and fastest carger

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