Bosch GOP Accessories - a Buying Guide

Further to our recent article on the brand new Bosch GOP 250CE professional, Bosch's foray into the corded multicutter market, here is our rough guide to buying blades for your GOP.

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Bosch GOP and accessoriesThe Bosch GOP is a lot like the Apple iPad.

Like the iPad, the GOP is all about the applications.

An iPad, via its touch screen, can perform myriads of tasks once you've installed apps.

The GOP is basically an oscillating accessory holder.

Like the iPad's apps, the GOP's accessories allow you to perform a myriad of tasks, and our aim here is to guide you through the process of buying accessories for your Bosch GOP.

Please note that these blades, cutters, sanders and scrapers will work on both the corded and lithium-ion versions of the GOP.

Bosch claim that the GOP is a tradeperson's "get out of jail" power tool, a "blue problem solver".

While the GOP itself has remained fairly static in terms of development (asides from the above noted addition of a corded version), the accessory range continues to increase, as Bosch develop and manufacture new blades, cutters, etc, at their Swiss manufacturing plant.

As can be seen from the above image, the GOP's accessories fall loosely into the following categories:

So, in essence, your decision as to which accessoryyou buy will depend on whether the application is cutting, scraping, grinding or sanding.

However, as we've stated before in our buying guide for jigsaw blades, not all accessories are created equal, and having a basic understanding of what Bosch have manufactured the accessory to do will help you get the most from your investment.

Typically a Bosch GOP cutting accessory will perform the following applications:

  • Sawing flush with surface, e.g. cut-off door frames near floor
  • Extremely fine and detailed sawing, e.g. cut-outs in parquet
  • Cut-off small non-ferrous profiles, e.g. aluminium strip
  • Plunge cuts in solid wood, e.g. for installing ventilation grills
  • Flush cutting of wood materials, e.g. cut-off overlapping tenon
  • Cutting soft plastics, e.g. trimming of PVC tubes
  • Cutting slots in porous concrete, e.g. for installing tubes and cables
  • Plunge cuts in drywall, e.g. for power sockets
  • Cut-outs in furniture, e.g. for power sockets
  • Cutting of non-ferrous metal pieces, e.g. flush cuts of copper tubes
  • Filigree adjustments in wood, e.g. cut-outs for strike plates
  • Cutting of soft tiles, e.g. small cut-outs in soft wall tiles

The cutting action performed by the accessory is controlled via the GOP's oscillating accessory holder.This means that the cut will be clean and precise, especially as you can control the motor speed via the variable speed dial on the GOP.

Which blade is ideal for sawing and cutting?

We'd recommend you take a close look at the AIZ65BB. In the video below you'll see it plunge cutting and cutting through nails with ease. Suitable for Bosch GOP10.8V-LI, Bosch PMF180E, Bosch GOP250CE and Fein Multimaster

What about scraping and grinding?

Bosch 3MaxVia the right accessory, your GOP will be able to handle:

  • Scraping, e.g. remove glue from surfaces after carpet removal, remove paint from window-frame, removal of caulking seams
  • Grinding, e.g. removal of mortar of broken wall or floor tile, level mortar for replacement.
  • Reaming seams between wall or floor tiles, e.g. to remove broken tiles
  • Rasping of wood, e.g. for forming or removing of edges

Again, these applications will be controlled via the GOP's oscillating motor.

For this, we recommend one of the newer accessories from Bosch, the tungsten carbide tipped 3Max(AVZ70RT). Much like the Bosch GOP itself, the 3Max is multi-purpose thanks, in part, to its unique tear drop shape which allows you to grind, scrape and cut all via one accessory.

Ideal for:

  • Routing joints on wall and floor tiles
  • Removing mortar or tile adhesive (e.g. when replacing damaged tiles)
  • Removing joints in the smallest of corners with the tungsten carbide tip (sanding and rasping finger)

As seen in the video, the 3Max, coupled with the oscillating motor, allows you to - in a very controlled way - rout, grind and cut. The tungsten carbide coating on the accessory means it is extremely hardwearing.

We feel the 3Max is the aspirational accessory for any GOP owner.

Bosch AVZ78RTFinally we come to sanding.

While the GOP would not be your first choice of tool for sanding large areas, it is ideal for more detailed sanding of smaller areas, such as parquet flooring. And because the GOP is an oscillating tool you're able to sand right up to, for example, skirting boards, allowing you get to into the tightest of spaces.

However, first off, take a look at the AVZ78RT Sanding Plate.

As you can see from the image, this accessory is designed for robust sanding applications, such as removing mortar or tile adhesive (e.g. when replacing damaged tiles), removing carpet adhesive residues from a mineral surface, rasping wood, for coarse adjustment work.

For more flexibility, though, the Delta sanding plate is especially worthy of consideration.

In this instance you attach the delta sanding plate to the GOP's accessory holder, and then attach a piece of velcro-backed sand paper, chosen for the application at hand.

Huge flexibility, therefore, but losing none of the power of your GOP.

Bosch GopIn summary, we recommend the following "must have" accessories for your Bosch GOP:

Each of these accessories are suitable for the Bosch GOP 10.8V-Li, 250CE and PMF180E.

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