Buying the Best Garden and Workshop Kit for Autumn - a Toolstop Guide

Autumn has truly fallen, and this weekend even marks the return of British winter time (remember to put your clocks back for that well-deserved extra hour in bed).

That extra hour, however, could be put to even better use than collecting Zeds in bed.Photo of autumn leaves in Kelvingrove Park GlasgowPhoto from An Clachan Cafe's Facebook Page.

Take a look around your garden! All of those autumnal leaves that need to be cleared, shrubs and bushes that need to be pruned back, driveways that need to be swept and much, much more. Surely, then, it's time to be thinking about chainsaws and blowers?

And what about your garage, workshop or jobsite. Noticing the drop in temperature and the shorter days? It's time to think about lights and heaters, surely.

So, whether you're looking to do a big autumnal garden clear-up or looking to warm up and brighten the workshop, Toolstop is here to help you with our Guide to Autumn Tools and Accessories.

Autumn Garden Clear-up Kit

Step 1 in clearing up the garden is to get rid of the dead leaves and other debris. Forget using a rake and a brush, we're people of power tools, so we're recommending you take a look at the Ryobi RBV26.
119.95(99.96 ex VAT)Save 50.04

It's powered by a 26cc 2-stroke petrol engine and it's going to blow the leaves and detrius off your lawn, driveway or even the workshop at around 320km/h!

In addition to that, take a look at the collection bag. It's a 40 litre capacity bag and it's attached to the RBV26 because it not only blows, it sucks, grinds and collects too.

It's hard to imagine going back to a rack, brush and dustpan after using one of these.

Step 2 in your autumnal garden clear up is to identify the shrubs and trees that need cutting back. Obviously to do this we're going to need another power tool, and we're sticking with the 2-stroke petrol power.

Makita EA3201S35B 32cc 2-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw

For this we'll be using the Makita EA3201S35B 32cc chainsaw. Yes, it's a bit of a mouthful, but here's what you need to know.

For starters the 2-stroke petrol engine has been designed by Makita to be environmentally-friendly, thanks to the fitted catalytic muffler. It also features an intelligent ignition coil to stabilise idling and power output, and something Makita describes as "accumulated electric energy charge" that allows you to easily re-start the engine.

In terms of performance, you're looking at a 35cm-long bar that, thanks to the 32cc engine, powers along with 1hp.

Essentially, it's the ideal chainsaw for lopping awkward branches from trees and cutting down logs for the winter fire.

Autumn Workshop Warm-Up Kit

Sealey LP50 Space Warmer Propane HeaterThis beast is the Sealey LP50 "Space Warmer" propane heater.
Staying warm as the days grow rapidly cooler is a no-brainer. So here's what we recommend.

As the name suggests, the LP50 runs off propane.

Yes, it can be a bit more expensive in terms of running costs, but that has to be factored against the fact that propane burns more efficiently and you're not left with any messy, oily residue common with paraffin heaters.

There's also no smell from propane and the LP50 runs nice and quiet due to the fact that it doesn't need a compressor to push the fuel into the burner.

It's also very safe, tested and certified to CE/EN standards by DVGW, thanks to be manufactured to BS EN 416 ratings.

What that means in your workshop, or on the jobsite, is that the Sealey LP50 will warm your workspace efficiently, without odours and without leaking gas.

It's also a pretty practical space heater as it features an adjustable front foot to help disperse the heat at different angles. Plus, Sealey supply a 12 month manufacturers warranty with it.

Toasty fingers and toes, then, as the temperatures drop.

Autumn Lighting Kit

Toolstop Contractors Fluorescent Twin 2' LightBeing able to work long into the dark evenings is a bonus for most of us (who arewe kidding?).However, in order to do so safely we need adequate workshop and jobsite lighting.

Here's what we recommend you add to your autumn workshop kit.

It's the Toolstop contractors fluorescent twin light. It's not fancy and it's not particularly pretty, but it's highly functional, and that's all that matters to you.

What you have is 2 fluorescent tubes, each 60cm in length, with 2 110v outlets and 5m of cable.

The tubes are fitted to a tripod stand that features a suspension hook, allowing you a bit of space-saving versatility. The tubses are covered by a tough, polycarbonate lens cover, and it's all part of Toolstop's new range of lighting and site electrics.

What about powering your Autumn lighting kit?

We've got just the product for you. It's made by SDMO and it's called the Perform 3000 petrol generator.
SDMO Perform 3000 Petrol GeneratorYou can surely tell just by looking at it that this is a beast of a generator, from the robust cage that protects the Kholer professional engine, to the fact that it'll ouput up to 3.75kVA at a noise level of only 73dB(A) at around 7m.

Get this thing up and running and you'll be able to power your corded tools and your Toolstop lighting rigs, no problem at all.

Autumn Bonus Kit

Nextorch myTorch AA Smart TorchThis one is especially for anyone who likes gadgets. Gadgets that happen to be practical, innovative and, ultimately, hugely useful.

It's called the Nextorch myTorch.

What's so special about it? Well, it's smart, which may seem like an odd way to describe a torch. However, Nextorch have built in a system called "Smart Torch Technology", or STT.

STT enables you to program the torch to behave in a way that's personal to you. This is what Nextorch say about the myTorch:

"With myTorch you are no longer limited to the basic or pre-set modes; now you can go beyond with myTorch Flashlight to accomplish your daily applications quickly and efficiently!"

Plus it's tough; waterproof to 1m, impact resistant to 1m and offers you a beam distance of 80m!

So we reckon this is a nice, wee bonus to add to your autumnal kit.

We'd love to know that you have in your autumn garden, workshop and jobsite kit, or even better, what's on your wishlist.

Use the comment section below to tell us!

And if you know anyone who should read this guide, simply use the Share Buttons below to pass it onto them.

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