Cordless Gardening - a Toolstop Guide to CEL Gardening Tools

That smell of spring is in the air. Buds are popping. Daffodils are swaying and the days are getting longer.

It's likely that our lawns are getting longer, too, and those shrubs, hedges and bushes will be needing trimmed. But as it's the 21st century, why should we need to bother with cords and cables? After all, dragging cords and cables around after us is a pain in the neck. Hence, this spring, try some cordless gardening.

We reckon you should give CEL's new cordless gardening tools a look.

Pioneers of the cordless lawnmower, Chris Elsworthy and his design team have released a series of new cordless gardening tools that will allow you to never drag a power cord behind you ever again.

What's in their cordless range?

CEL aim to have your gardening needs covered:

Pictured is the CEL HT2-PH10-S 18v lithium-ion powered hedgetrimmer. This boasts a 20" (51cm) blade but weighs less than 2.5kg, which is clearly ideal for those of us who have plenty of hedgerows to trim, but don't want their shoulders strained by hauling a heavy trimmer around.

See it in action here.

The HT2-PH10-S is powered by CEL's 18v li-ion POWERhandle. The  POWERhandle can - in the style of the Power8 Workshop - be used in other cordless gardening tools.

For example, CEL LT2-PH10-S linetrimmer. Slot the POWERhandle into it and you've got a cordless, 18v lithium-ion powered line trimmer with a cutting diameter of 250mm (9.8") while rotating at 8500rpm. The head is fully adjustable so that you can trim the edges of your lawn and easily reach under shrubs and bushes.

CEL have put a lot of thought into this line trimmer, as is evidenced by the automatic line feed. A small amount of line is fed out each time you start the LT2-PH10-S to make sure you're getting the maximum trimming capacity of the head.

See it in action here.

The technological advances in battery technology have meant that we're seeing more and more tools lose their power cords. CEL have developed two lawn mowers that operate cordlessly.

At the high end of the scale we have the CEL DM20 24C Cordless 20in Self Propelled Rotary Lawn Mower. Powered by a 17Ah rechargeable battery, this mower will provide you with a cutting width of 508mm (20") and a maxium height of cut of 85mm (3.25"). The battery will offer you around 60 minutes per charge (CEL claim between 45 and 75 minutes), which we reckon is enough to cut the average lawn with ease.

The beauty of the CEL DM20 24C, though, is that its fitted with two motors.

The first one powers the blades, as you'd expect, while the other actually powers the mower. This means you hardly need to put any effort into pushing the mower along as you cut. And as you're cutting you can decide what the CEL DM20 24C does with the grass clippings, whether you wish to mulch them, dispell them from the side of the mower, or collect them in the rear basket.

This mower is a real boon to anyone who hates dragging power cables around behind them, or who'd rather not use a petrol powered motor.

See it in action here.

If the DM20 24C is a bit too much cordless mower for you, then check out the CEL CY1 POWERmow 24V Cordless Cylinder Lawnmower.

Again, powered by a recheargble battery - this time 7Ah capacity with similar charge times to the DM20 24C - the CY1 POWERmow offers you a cutting width of 400mm (16") with a maximum height of cut 1.75". CEL estimate you'll be able to cut around 500m of lawn on one charge, but if the battery runs out while you're cutting, the mower will operate as a straightforward push type. A useful safety feature is the lock-off key which, when removed, disables the mower from operating.

See it in action here.

What if you don't have a particularly big garden but want to tackle your chores cordlessly? CEL have you covered via their CEL PS1 POWERstick 12v Li-Ion Gardening Kit.

This kit is a 4-in-1 set up, made up of 2 battery powered components and two "elbow grease" powered.

Supplied is a grass trimmer that takes 75mm (3") blades and spins at 800rpm. It's ideal for tidying up the grass around your flower beds, and weighs less that 2kg. Also supplied is a 280" (11") hedge trimmer, weighing in at 2kg. Both run off CEL's Power Stick, a 12v lithium-ion rechargeble handle into which the trimmers are slotted.

The handle is long enough to allow you to easily cut higher hedges with the hedge trimmer, and trim the grass under your shrubs and bushes with the lawn trimmer.

Supplied in the kit are non-battery powered tools in the form of an easily attachable brush and rake.

See the whole kit in action here.

Lastly, to help you clear up after yourself, CEL have manufactured a cordless blower. It's the CEL BL2-PH10-S 18v li-ion Cordless POWERblower.

This product is very deceptive. It may look lightweight (and it is at only 1.5kg), but it blows air out at 120mph (195kph)! It's ideal for blowing leaves, weeds and other garden detrius aside, whether on your lawn, patio or deck. The blow tube is designed to work as a scraper too, allowing you to dislodge dried in muck.

It's powered by an 18v, 1.3Ah lithium-ion POWERhandle which will give you between 10 and 15 minutes of blowing time per charge.

See it in action here.

All in all we've been very impressed with CEL's determination to continue to innovate your tool experience, particularly in the garden.

However we'd love to know what you think? Have you made the leap to cordless for your garden tools? Let us know in the comments below.

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