DeWALT Compact Jobsite Radios - Which is the Best for You

DeWALT's jobsite radios are already popular among you guys packing the company's cordless tools. As we already know from this article, running your jobsite tunes via a spare DeWALT XR battery is fantastic.

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So we're delighted to present two brand new compact additions to DeWALT's stable of jobsite radios, freshly updated and reduced in size for your enjoyment, with bonus exclusive demo video, which you can see below.

DeWALT DCR019 XR Compact Jobsite Radio - click to buy

Dewalt DCR019 XR Compact Jobsite Radio
The first thing that's noticeable about the DCR019 is the size. DeWALT has managed to significantly shrink the unit down to a lovely compact size.

At the same time, the heavy duty integral roll cage helps protect it from knocks and bumps.

It weighs only 2.8kg, without a battery, so it's light enough to lug from the van to that far corner of the job site where youre working.

As you'd expect from a job site radio these days - and click here for our buying guide - it runs off the mains or from a battery. If you've got a spare DeWALT XR battery in either 10.8v, 14.4v or 18v, regardless of capacity, you'll be able to power the radio with it. However, neither the DCR019 or DCR020 will charge your batteries. More info on the ones that will below.

Dewalt DCR019 XR Compact Jobsite Radio
This is an FM and AM radio, allowing you to store up to 10 of your fave FM stations in the memory and 5 AM stations, all controlled via the rubberised buttons and displayed on the backlit LCD display.

And when you're sick of listening to Nick Grimshaw you can plug in your phone or MP3 player using the auxiliary port and blast out your favourite playlists.

Dewalt DCR019 XR Compact Jobsite Radio

DeWALT DCR020 XR Compact Jobsite DAB Radio - click to buy

Dewalt DCR020 XR Compact Jobsite DAB Radio
The DCR020 looks almost identical to it's stablemate in terms of size, however it benefits from a few extra features that we want to point out to you.

As you can see, it's got the backlit LCD to display the channel you're listening to, it weighs the same, and it benefits from the same roll cage to protect it.

Dewalt DCR020 XR Compact Jobsite DAB Radio
However, as the sticker on top reveals, this is the DeWALT's digital radio. That means it has DAB, which you can learn more about here. It also has FM, but not AM. But as many AM channels in the UK also broadcast in digital, you'll be able to hear your favourite radio shows in even better quality than before!

Dewalt DCR020 XR Compact Jobsite DAB Radio
In addition you can plug in your MP3 player or phone, per the DCR019, and the DCR020 benefits from having a USB charging port plus what DeWALT is calling a "Techport".

This is a fancy name for a door on the side of the radio which will safely house and store your electronic device while it's plugged into the auxiliary, and while it charges, which you can see in the photo below.

dewalt techport
As before, the DCR020 runs off the supplied mains cable, but it's also compitable with any voltage or capacity of DeWALT XR battery you've got going spare.

Which new compact DeWALT radio should you buy?

Watch our exclusive video on Toolstop TV to help you decide, then read our closing comments.

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Ultimately, it depends on whether you're a fan of DAB or not. If you can live without it, the DCR019 is yours.

But if DAB is something you rely upon, or if you hardly listen to the radio, but instead use your phone or media player all day, then the abiliy to charge and safely store it within the body of the DCR020will probably make your mind up.

And if you want to learn more about DeWALT radios, have a look at this article, which covers the larger DCR016 and DCR017, which benefits from being able to charge your batteries!

What do you think of these new compact jobsite radios from DeWALT? Tell us in the comments section below.


LuckyA on Sun, 07 Dec 2014 16:42:10 +0000 (Likes: 0 / Dislikes: 0

This reminded me of an work site coffe box project at kickstarter. Similar design. Nothing like good music to boost productivity.

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