DeWALT Jobsite Radios - a Toolstop Buying Guide

We know DeWALT has a lot of fans out there, guys n gals who swear by their power tools, both in terms of reliability and the vast range of corded and cordless tools in yellow and black.

If you're already invested in DeWALT's cordless power tool range (click here for everything we hold in stock for next day delivery) then we reckon you should be keen to learn about their jobsite radios.

Dewalt DCR017 XR DAB+ Radio Charger

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Who doesn't enjoy a bit of music while they work? Or a bit of talk radio? And what about if you want to plug your smart phone or mp3 player in and listen to your own playlists while you work away the day?

Hence our guide to DeWALT's job site radios where we'll help you understand the features and benefits of the 2 offerings in yellow and black.

We've also got a comprehensive jobsite radio buying guide, which you can find here.

Key considerations, of course, should include:

  • how tough it is?
  • how is it powered: will it run off the batteries I already own or will it charge my cordless power tool batteries while I listen to my tunes?
  • what extra features do I get for my money?

All of this will be covered and we've got video demos of both radios on Toolstop TV. Keep reading!

DeWALT DCR016 XR FM/AM Radio - click for full spec and our best price

Dewalt DCR016 XR FM/AM Jobsite Radio

Build Quality

The DCR016 XR is DeWALT's "entry level" jobsite radio, if we can call it that. Right off the bat you can see, in addition to the signature yellow and black styling, it's a tough looking brute. This is exactly what you want from a jobsite radio, something that can take a bit of a knock.

DeWALT has chosen to construct the radio with a blow moulded plastic roll cage. This incorporates 6 impact resistent points that, while not making the DCR016 XR indestructable, certainly protects the electronics from damage should the radio be knocked over.


The DCR016 XR comes with a 2m power cord with wrap around storage, meaning the radio can be powered by the mains. But if you're nowhere near a power outlet, which is likely, the radio will also run off your XR batteries, whether 10.8v, 14.4v or 18v versions.
DeWALT DCR016 XR radio
Slot your spare battery pack into the compartment on the back of the radio and you're up and running, blasting out your tunes while you work.


The DCR016XR offers you the choice of FM or AM signals. Bear in mind this model is analogue only, keep reading if you're set on digital radio reception.

Modes are selected via the big buttons on the front, so choose between AM or up to 10 pre-set FM channels, or go to the auxiliary mode. This allows you to plug in your mp3 player or smart phone and play your own music files or podcasts via the DCR016 XR's twin sets of woofers and tweeters.

The bass on the radio is ported, and combined with the twin woofers and tweeters, DeWALT is promising you a balanced hi-fi-esque sound from the device. And the radio includes an equaliser for fine-tuning the bass and treble. Ideal for pumping out tunes that'll be heard through-out wherever you're working...

We asked John from DeWALT to take us through the DCR016 XR's features, watch him do so on Toolstop TV or via the player below.

So, if a battery and/or mains powered DeWALT radio that'll give you fantastic sound, in a robust case, is what you're looking for, then click here to buy the DCR016 XR.

DeWALT DCR017 XR DAB+ Radio Charger - click here for full spec and our best price.

Dewalt DCR017 XR DAB+ Radio Charger

Build Quality

The DCR017 XR DAB+ could be described as DeWALT's flagship jobsite radio. It's incredibly well built, featuring rubber shock absorbers on the roll cage giving it brilliant durability.

Again, it's a tough looking beast of a radio and it'll stand up to the rigours of life on the jobsite, which is exactly what DeWALT intend for it. Also included in the build is a Tech Box which provides protection and a place of storage for any device you want to plug into the radio, such as your phone, iPod or mp3 player.

As you can see, it also includes a USB charger for your device, and this is where you'll find the auxiliary port.


Like the DCR016 XR, the DCR017 XR is supplied with a mains cable with onboard storage so that you can run the radio from the mains.

And once again, you can power the radio from your DeWALT XR li-ion batteries, from the 10.8V and 14.4V to the 18V versions. But a huge advantage to this DeWALT radio is that it'll also charge your batteries while you listen to your music.

It also includes two AC power outlets allowing you to run your corded power tools from the radio, effectively turning it into a 2-way extension lead.


As already mentioned, you'll be able to get the tunes and podcasts from your auxiliary device, and in addition to that you can choose a standard FM tuner, storing up to 10 stations.

But the great benefit of the DCR017 XR is the inclusion of a DAB+ tuner.

DAB+ is a new-ish digital broadcast standard launched back in 2007. It offers you even better sound quality than DAB. Via the DCR017 XR's display you'll see the name of the station you're playing along with the song that's being broadcast, if available from the radio station.

Because of the inclusion of DAB+ the DCR017 XR is forwards compatible with new DAB+ stations in the UK as they become available.

Sound clarity is offered via the twin sets of tweeters and woofers with 10W per channel.

And the bass is ported for a lovely balanced, hi-fi sound.

We asked John from DeWALT to show us the benefits and features of the DCR017 XR DAB+ radio, click here to see it on Toolstop TV or watch in the player below.

If you want a top-quality, high-end, feature packed jobsite radio from DeWALT, then click here to buy the DCR017 XR DAB+.

Do you own one of DeWALT's jobsite radios? Tell us what you think of it. And if you've got any questions about them, ask us in the comments section below.


postable_mark on Wed, 12 Feb 2014 11:58:41 +0000 (Likes: 0 / Dislikes: 0

Only the DCR017 has the USB connection to charge your USB device. The main differences are listed above, with the DAB tuner being the main one.

Bar on Tue, 11 Feb 2014 18:29:19 +0000 (Likes: 0 / Dislikes: 0

Whats the main differences between the two models? Its seems that one is €85 more expensive for just a DAB tuner. Do both have the USB connection?

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