Electrician's Power Tools - Toolstop's Guide to the Best

best power tools for electricians
Whether you're a jobsite-weary seasoned pro, or a fresh from college newbie, a little assistance and guidance towards the power tools that'll make your life easier is always welcome.

So we've decided to look through the best power tools on the market right now and make our suggestions for the kit any self-respecting sparky should have in his/her kit.

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Let's be honest, it can be easy when we're feeling flush to load up our shopping basket with loads of new tools, some of which we might hardly ever used. However, this guide is deliberately limited to the absolute "must have" power tools, which we feel are:

Here's our suggestions for each category.

10.8v Drill Driver/Impact Driver Twin Pack

Unlike chippies, sparkies won't have regular use for big drill drivers or impact drivers, that's why we're suggesting you go for the lighter, more compact 10.8v versions. Why buy a twin pack? You're more likely to save a bit of cash in the process.

With all cordless tools, though, battery platform is a key factor. So, whichever platform you're already currently invested in - 10.8v-wise - it's best to stick to that. However, we reckon Makita's new CXT 10.8v tools are well worth considering. You can read our guide to them here.

The range is getting bigger all the time, from jigsaws to trim saws, so owning 10.8v CXT batteries will pay dividends in the future, allowing you to opt for body-only tools, saving money along the way.

Our Pick: Makita CLX202AJ 2 Piece Cordless Kit - SHOP HERE

Makita CLX202AJ 2 Piece Cordless Kit

18v Combi-Drill

You could opt for a 10.8v combi, and there's even twin options that include one, but we're recommending you step up to 18v for your combi-drill. The simple reason being, while your smaller drill driver or impact driver will be fine for drill small holes and pushing smaller screws, you're going to need blows-per-minute from time to time for getting through masonry.

And there's no point skimping on power as a result.

Again, existing 18v batteries in your arsenal will play into this, so click here to see all of the 18v cordless combi-drills we have in stock right now.

Our Pick: Milwaukee M18BLPD-402CA M18 - SHOP HERE

Milwaukee M18BLPD-402CA
We particularly like the fact this one comes in a tough carry case with two of Milwaukee's well respected M18 batteries. They're 4Ah, and you get two of them. Couple these with the brushless motor, and you're going to get loads of runtime without having to even look for your charger.

Milwaukee's REDLINKoverload protection is factored in, which will protect the battery and tool if you decent to go a bit gung ho with your drilling, and the system allows you to use any of Milwaukee's M18 batteries you may find lying around, such as the 5Ah packs!

SDS+ Drill

Again, it's a case of horses for courses. You will encounter jobs where you need to chase masonry to run cables, or punch really big holes through brick work. And again, it's a case of having the right tool for the job at hand when you need it.

It's your choice as to whether you go corded or cordless, but for this guide we'll recommend you look at a corded SDS drill. You'll save some cash, and let's be honest you probably won't be using it as often as other tools on this list, so it makes sense to work out a way to save some money.

You can see all our SDS+ corded drills here, and all the cordless versions here.

Our Pick: Bosch GBH 2-20 D 2kg SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill - SHOP HERE

bosch GBH 2-20 sds plus hammer drill
It's currently under 100, which places it as affordable but also entry-level. But you don't really need loads of fancy features on your SDS+ hammer. That being said, Bosch claims it offers you 30% higher chiselling performances than other entry-level SDS+ hammers. Which is ideal!

Oscillating Multi-Tool

These tools are virtually a pre-requisite these days thanks to their flexibility. There isn't much you can't do with them, and they're ideal for little jobs that other tools are either too much for, or too big for.

Obviously it comes down to whether you need cordless or not, and of course the accessories you have with you. Click here to see all the cordless oscillating multi-tools in stock, and click here to see the corded versions.

Click here to see all of the available accessories - always best to stock up!

Our Pick: Makita TM30DZ Multi-Tool - SHOP HERE

Makita TM30DZ multi-tool
We've selected another Makita tool for you, the reason being it's also part of the CXT 10.8v battery range. So, with the above mentioned twin pack, you get TWO batteries. Use one of the batteries in the TM30DZ when you need it!

It's also body-only, which is a cost saver for you.

We also chose cordless because we reckon if you've got a job that needs the help of an oscillating multi-tool you should be free from cords! You never when where or when the TM30DZ will be called into action, so just slap in one of your batteries and you're ready to go.

10.8v Circular Saw

Obviously your oscilliating multi-tool will be able to handle loads of cutting jobs, but there are times when you need to cut through floorboards, for example, to lay cables. In those instances you want a circular saw. However, you probably don't need anything too heavy duty or bulky in your kit, as once again, it's not going to be a tool that you'll be relying on all day, every day.

Hence, we reckon a 10.8v version will do you just fine.

Our Pick: Makita HS301DWAE Circular Saw - SHOP HERE

Makita HS301DWAE Circular Saw
Again, this comes with two 10.8v CXT batteries and a charger. The advantage of that, as mentioned, is you've got a spare battery that's always going to be charged up, ready to go.

The HS301 is a lovely little circular saw, probably more like a trim saw in reality. It'll give you a cut of up to 25.5mm, which is probably ideal for the type of cutting jobs you'll need it for. And again, the small footprint of it helps keep your kit as light as possible.

Cross-Line Laser

This is an absolute must-have of a tool for when your working on large scale lighting systems or when you want to ensure electrical sockets are 100% level. Our tips is to look for a cross-line laser that emits lasers lines and dots.

The lines will keep things straight and allow you to mark out an entire room for track lighting, for example. And the dots will give you accurate point transfers, perfect again for laying out and planning of electrical fittings.

Our Pick: Bosch GCL215BT Combi Laser - SHOP HERE

Bosch GCL215BT Combi Laser
Bosch's combi-laser is the best of both worlds; a bright red laser line that allows for fast horizontal or vertical levelling jobs, and a laser point for the accurate marking out of where you need things to be.

It comes with a BT 150 Professional tripod and the RM1 Professional rotating mount, so you have everything you need in one package.

So that's our suggestions for the best power tool kit for electrician's. What would you add to the mix? Let us know in the comments section below.

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