Metabo 1700W Grinders With Improved Motors...And More

metabo grinders from toolstop
Since the 1960s, German power tool company Metabo has been using the best technology available to them to create innovative power tools. But it doesn't just innovate for the sake of innovation. Rather, it fully understands the needs you guys have from your power tools, hence the release of a new fleet of grinders!

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In this Power Tool Spy exclusive, we once again bring you the latest and best from Metabo's evolution in the world of grinders.

metabo grinder from 1966
Metabo launched the world's first grinder with an automatic safety clutch in 1966, and since then, it's continually worked hard to develop it's angle grinders, such as building marathon motors into the units by the start of the 21st century.

And now Metabo is preparing us for what it's referring to as "the next level".

What can we expect from the new Metabo grinders?

Metabo has told us that for 90 years it's been listening to what you guys on the job site need from your grinders. The results of this passion for the end-user has resulted in what it claims will be "unbeatable power, safety without compromise, unparalleled productivity and unequalled service life."

Now, we're all used to hearing the power tool companies making huge claims about the tools they want you to buy, so how is Metabo actually backing these claims up?

Metabo's New Marathon-Motors - More Powerful and Longer Lasting

metabo marathan motor
The key component of any angle grinder isn't the disc you're using, rather the motor powering the machine. Because grinders undertake some of the toughest jobs on the job site, the motor must be able to handle the intensity of the grinding, cutting or deburring job you're putting it to.

Metabo's Marathon-Motors have moved into a new generation, with the company claiming that they don't have "defined limits".

In practical terms, it seems this means the motors are better able to dissipate heat while providing up to 50% more torque and 20% more power to the end user. There's now 30% more resin at the rotor to prevent abrasion, and a flow-optimised dust protection basket which is better at expelling dust particles away from the machine while in use, protecting the winding heads more efficiently.

All of this has been packed into a motor that's now smaller than before, which directly results in a slimmer grip circumference, which in turn means better ergonomics for you when you're using these new grinders.

And on top of that, Metabo states that these new Marathon-Motors have the highest overload capacity and power density in their respective classes.

The World's First 1700 Watt Compact Angle Grinder - "The Productivity Miracle"

Packing a motor capable of giving you 1700 Watts of power into a small, ergonomic (aka "compact") grinder is always going to be an engineering accomplishment. The design of the new 1700 W Metabo WEPBA 17-125 Quick grinder is purposefully aimed at giving you tons of power while not knackering you while you work. And there's even a WEPBA 17-150 Quick version, taking larger diameter discs.

metabo WEPBA 17-125 Quick grinder
Both new grinders offer 3.7Nm of torque, spinning the disks at 11,000 rpm, but weigh in at only 2.7kg.

The new 1700 Watt models include all of the safety features detailed below, and include an MVT handle for 50% less vibrations, plus an ergonomic paddle switch.

Because of all of these new features, Metabo has told us the key benefits are "less personnel downtime, resulting in lower labour costs".

Safety First as Always

All the new grinders in the range include a host of safety features, showing again that Metabo puts your needs first; after all, an angle grinder can be a very dangerous tool to you, hence being able to fully trust it while you work is hugely important.

Hence, look out for safety features such as:

  • Metabo S-automatic safety clutch. This minimises kick back from the grinder should it jam.
  • Fast braking system. This is Metabo's patented mechanical brake which stops the disc within 2 seconds when you kill the power, even in the event of a power cut.
  • Paddle switch with dead man function. All about ergonomics while allows you to have full control over the grinder while you work.
  • Tacho-Constamatic Full Wave Electronics. A bit of a mouthful, but it allows you to work fast while keeping the disc spinning at the same speed, even under load.
  • Integrated Autobalancer. This means up to 50% less hand-arm vibration delivered to you, while contributing to a longer service life of the grinder, and it even helps extend the life of the grinder discs you use.

The Power Packs - Metabo's 1500 Watt Series

metabo we 15-125 quick grinderNext in the list of grinders are two new 125mm versions. Both provide you with a whopping 1500W of power, spinning the disks at 11,000 rpm and outputting up to 3.5Nm of torque, all while weighing in at 2.5kg.

Metabo describes these grinders as "the power packs", stating that they'll offer you the longest service live even in extreme conditions. And if you need a grinder for intensive continuous cutting or grinding, Metabo say these are the grinders for you.

There are two models, the Metabo WE 15-125 Quick and the Metabo WEA 15-125 Quick. Of the two it's worth noting that the WEA 15-125 features the above mentioned anti-vibration technology.

The Endurance Miracle - Metabo's W 12-125 Quick Grinder

metabo w 12-125 quick grinder
Metabo has refreshed its 1250 Watt series of grinders to include the W 12-125 Quick. Again, it'll take 125mm discs, spinning them at 11,000 rpm via the 1250W motor, giving you 3.4Nm of torque. And it weighs only 2.4kg.

Metabo says the W 12-125 Quick is perfect for extreme grinding and cutting applications, allowing you work fast, while maintaining the grinder's long service life. The company claims it has the "highest power density" in this class of motor.

It benefits from the Metabo Quick System for tool-free disc changes with just a press of the button on the grinder's head.

The Flexible One - Metabo's WEV 10-125 Quick Grinder

metabo wev 10 -125 quick grinder
Another new grinder from Metabo, this time is the 1000 Watt motor series. It'll give you up to 10,500rpm and 2.7Nm of torque, weighing a mere 2.1kg.

As Metabo states, this one is all about various speeds while giving you the "smallest handle circumference" in this power class. Small and nimble, it's perfect for any of you who use your grinder for light cutting, deburring and grinding jobs.

But the key benefit of this grinder is the ability to have full control over the speed of the disc, making it a hugely adaptable tool to have in your kit.

The Handy One - Metabo's W 9-115 Grinder

metabo w 9-115 grinder
Now we come to the smallest new grinder from Metabo, the W 9-115. This gives you 900 Watts of power, spinning your discs at 10,500 rpm and offering you 2.5Nm of torque. Again, it's very light, coming in at 2.1kg.

As is becoming the pattern for these grinders, Metabo describe the W 9-115 as "ergonomic perfection" with the "smallest handle circumference" in its power class. Another great grinder for handling those lighter grinder, cutting and deburring jobs when you need an angle grinder you can absolutely depend upon.

We've got a fun video from Metabo for you to watch, showcasing many of these new features and benefits, which you can watch on Toolstop TV right now.

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Robert on Sat, 21 Jun 2014 02:08:08 +0100 (Likes: 0 / Dislikes: 0

Bit of a wanky video, however that shouldn't detract from the fact that Metabo are the world leaders in grinders.

Having tried others, I will now only buy Metabo. They seem to have the best tools in all classes: 125mm, 150mm, 180mm, 230mm and cordless. Their only shortcoming is in the smallest 100mm class, which I don't use anyway.

I think their best features are their power, longevity and ergonomics. I think it's all about attention to detail. I've had premature failures from others in dust ingress, switch failure and wear through abrasive dust. Never had a Metabo failure yet!

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