Working With Metal Using Bosch Professional Tools - the Toolstop Guide

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Working With Metal Using Bosch Professional Tools - the Toolstop Guide

using bosch power tools to work with metal

Working with metal requires specialist metal working tools. In this guide we'll show you 3 fantastic power tools from Bosch, specifically designed to get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely, whether you're burnishing stainless steel, filing down welds or sanding metal pipes.

Bosch GSI 14 CE Professional Burnisher - click to buy

A burnisher is used to give the metal you're working on a gloss or fine finish. Essentially a burnisher is a metal finishing tool. Bosch's GSI 14 CE, pictured above, is based on their hugely popular grinder motor and features an ergonomic dead-man switch to power the machine and an adjustable auxiliary handle to give you lots of control while you work.

And it's ideal for working on stainless steel.

Bosch GSI14CE Professional Burnisher
At the front of the machine, attached to the guard, is a control roller which helps you control the amount of pressure you're exerting onto the metal you're burnishing.

The motor outputs 1400W and gives you rpms of between 750 and 3000, controlled via the red variable speed dial on the handle.

As you'd expect from a Bosch power tool, the motor features Constant Electronics (the CE in the model name) which is like cruise control on your car; even if you're pushing the burnisher hard, putting it under heavy load, the speed you've selected via the variable dial will be kept constant.

In the L-Boxx you'll find the accessories you'll need to carry out a big array of applications on the metal you're working on, from sanding papers, rollers and a fleece to polish the metal to a high gloss, all depending on the type of finish you wish to achieve.

These are changed without the need for tools, simply undo the red nut, slide the wheel off, and put on the new accessory. We've got a quick tutorial to make sure you're fitting the accessories properly, click here to watch it on Toolstop TV.

Check out our chart below for a breakdown of the Bosch GSI 14CE's spec and features.

Toolstop's Demo of the Bosch GSI 14 CE in Action - click to watch on Toolstop TV

Bosch GEF7 E Professional File - click to buy

Bosch GEF 7 E Professional file
Providing even more easy handling to your metal working applications, particularly stainless steel, the Bosch GEF 7 E file is the tool to buy. It's perfect for deburring in awkward places and removing or tidying up welds.

Bosch has engineered in fantastic ergonomics via - what they claim - is the slimmest grip circumference in class. In addition to the supplied auxiliary handle, the head can be move into an almost limitless number of positions, making it the ideal corded power file to getting into extrusions and the ends of box pipes, as can be seen in our demo video (via this link on Toolstop TV or in the player below).

Supplied in the L-Boxx are 2 sanding arms and a variety of sanding and polishing belts. As seen in our video above, the sanding arms allow you to perform a range of applications on metal, including stainless steel, all made easy due to the adjustment of the head. It's just a case of choose the right sanding arm for what you want to do to the metal, and making sure you've chosen the best belt to fit to it.

And changing the arms is a piece of cake as is adjusting the tracking on the sanding belt, as can be seen in our tutorial here on Toolstop TV (click this link).

The GEF 7E benefits from, as you'd expect, Bosch's excellent motor, which is based on their popular corded grinders, outputting 720W and providing rpms of between 2,800 and 11,000. The speed of the file is controlled via the red variable speed dial, allowing you to work at the best speeds for the type of sanding belt fitted and according to the job you're performing on the metal.

Check out our chart of the Bosch GEF 7 E's features below.

Bosch GEF 7 E Professional

Bosch GRB 14 CE Professional Tube Belt Sander - click to buy

Working with stainless steel is a pain at the best of times, so it's great that Bosch has released this great new tool to aid you in sanding stainless steel pipes and tubing.

Bosch GRB 14 CE Professional Tube Belt Sander
For burnishing, buffing or sanding any type of metal pipe, a standard burnisher or file won't be sufficient; you need to be able to cover the circumference of the pipe in an even fashion to achieve the finish your require.

That's where the GRB 14 CE comes into its own.

For starters you'll be able to cover the full 360 of the tubing you're working on with just two work steps due to the GRB 14 CE's wrap angle of 270. Watch Eric from Bosch demostrate in our demo video on Toolstop TV via this link, or in the player below.

The motor is, once again, based on Bosch's popular and reliable grinder and outputs 1400W. It features Constant Electronics to maintain the speed even under heavy load.

You'll be able to select, via the variable speed dial, from 750rpm to 3000rpm, giving you fantastic control over the sanding application you're performing. 

Our table below shows you the great features of the Bosch GRB 14 CE.

And the GRB14 CE comes in an L-Boxx which includes an adjustable auxiliary handle (aiding the ergonomics of the tool and your control over it) and an array of sanding and polishing belts, making it the complete tool to get the finish in the stainless steel you require.

Changing the sanding belt is easy due to the spring loaded rollers. Compress the rollers, remove the belt, fit the new one. Just like that.

And the rollers features high cheeks to prevent the belts sliding off when you're using the tool. And the main drive roller is barrel shape which keeps the belt centered and on track, meaning you don't need to adjust the tracking.

All in all, 3 fantastic new metal working tools from Bosch which we're confident will enable you to work faster, smarter and safer, especially if you do a lot of applications with stainless steel.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on these new power tools, so use the comments section below to get in touch with your queries and comments.

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