Youngman MiniMax Towers - A Toolstop Buying Guide

Youngman Group MiniMax towers are easy to assemble, highly adaptable modular units that will get safely to the heights you need to scale!

Use this guide to help you understand what you need to buy and what it will do for you.

Refer to our handy table below to understand what you packs you need to buy to get to the working height right for you.

The Height You Want to Work At
What You'll Need
Extras You'll Need
2.6m (item #370518)
Base Pack

3.7m (item # 377518)
Base Pack, Guardrail Pack
If working outdoors 2x Small Stabiliser Pack
5.7m (item #378518)
Base Pack, Guardrail Pack, 2m Extension Pack, 2x Small Stabilier Pack
Toeboard Pack
7.8m (item #389518)
Back Pack, Guardrail Pack, 2x 2m Extension Pack, 2x Medium Stabiliser Pack
Toeboard Pack

The Base Pack

Youngman 370518 Minimax Mobile Tower Base UnitThe Minimax Tower system is modular and you start with the Base Pack. This will allow you a working height of roughly 2.6m and is the foundation to add other MiniMax packs that will take you up to 7.5m of safe working height.

Who is the Base Pack Ideal For?

It's great for anyone wishing to work at heights of around 2.6m indoors via the versatile stepped height adjustments.

Click to watch our Toolstop TV video which show you how simple this is to set up.

One person can erect the MiniMax base pack on their own via the two-stage assembly process. It can then be easily moved around your working area thanks to the lockable castors, and can fit through doorways and down corridors.

It can even be transported to jobs in the back of a family car.

Click here to buy.

To the Base Pack you can add a variety of extras, all in a modular, easy-to-assemble fashion, to extend your safe working height.

Keep reading to find out how!

Youngman 377518 Minimax Tower 3.7M working height

MiniMax Tower with 3.7m Working Height

Adding height to your MiniMax Base Pack is simple thanks to the modular construction.

Simply buy the Guardrail System Pack (item #372518 - click here to buy) and 2x Small Stabiliser Packs (click here to buy), if you're planning on using the tower outdoors, and you're ready to go.

Per the diagram above, this kit will take you up to 3.7m of safe working height.

Click here to watch our Toolstop TV guide to putting them all together.

MiniMax Tower with 5.7m Working Height

Again, starting with your foundation, the MiniMax Base Pack, you can now build onto it upto a safe working height of 5.7m.

To do this you'll need the Guardrail Pack, Extension Pack and 2 Small Stabiliser Packs. Click here to buy these as a complete kit.

As with the 3.7m tower, assembly is straightforward, and is demonstrated on Toolstop TV, click here to watch.

Why are stabilisers not an optional extra with the 5.7m MiniMax tower?

Simply for your own protection and safety! Whether working indoors or outdoors at this sort of height, keeping the tower stable is a key safety element. That's why they come in the kit.

MiniMax Tower with 7.8m Working Height

The Youngman MiniMax modular tower system can bring you all the way up to a safe working height of 7.5m.

If you've already purchase the Base Pack, Guardrail Pack and Extension Pack, it's simply a case of adding one more Extension Pack and 2 packs of Medium Stabilisers. Click here to buy the whole kit.

Again, stabilisers aren't an optional extra on this tower, and you can see it all put together on Toolstop TV, just click this link.

Safety First

While the MiniMax Towers are easy to assemble and use, it goes without saying that safety is paramount.

When buying your packs, take care to note all of the assembly instructions, including the colour-coded system used by Youngman to denote guard rails and cross-beams.

Be sure to correctly fit the guardrails, which will give an audible "click" when they're properly engaged.

When you're working on an uneven surface it's important that you use the optional-extra adjustable legs, available in the MiniMax Adjustable Leg Pack, which includes 4 adapters that you fit to the castors supplied on the MiniMax Base Pack. These will allow you to individually adjust the height of each leg on the Base Pack.

Click here to buy

Windy Conditions

During use it's important to be aware of high winds, especially when working in exposed areas.

Youngman recommend that in wind speeds over 7.7m per second (17mph), cease working on the tower. If the wind becomes a strong breeze of around 11.3m per second (25mph) tie the tower to a rigid structure. And if the wind is likely to reach gale force, 18m per second (40mph), the tower should be dismantled.

The Youngman Dance

And finally, once you've built your MiniMax Base Unit, it's imperative that you perform the Youngman dance. Follow the steps in the image to the right.

If you've got any questions, concerns or queries about Youngman MiniMax towers, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below, or call us on 0800 107 7774.

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