We all know that multi-cutters are the "get out of jail free" cards in the world of power tools. But we also know that it’s the accessories you attach to them that really bring them to life, much like the apps on your iPhone make it a useful device to own.

So, with that in mind, be sure to read our updated guide to buying a multi-cutter and our guide to buying multi-cutter accessories.

In this short guide we’re going to show you 3 accessories every kitchen and bathroom fitter should have in her/his arsenal.

Here’s the list:

Bosch ATZ52SFC (2608661647) Flexible HCS Scraper
Perfect for:

  • Routing extra-thin 1/16" joints on wall tiles
  • Routing recesses in epoxy/glass fibre reinforced plastic (e.g. dashboard)
  • Routing grooves in porous concrete, for laying concealed cables and pipes

Bosch ACZ85EB (2608661636) BIM Segment Blade for Wood & Metal

Perfect for:

  • Cutting a door frame to length on the floor (softwood, hardwood, veneered panels, plastic laminated panels
  • Cutting out laminate/parquet (e.g. for installing a partition wall)
  • Cutting smaller mouldings to length (e.g. aluminium floor cover strips)

Bosch AVZ70RT (2608661757) HM-RIFF 3Max All In One Grout and Mortar Remover
Perfect for:

  • Routing joints on wall and floor tiles
  • Removing mortar or tile adhesive (e.g. when replacing damaged tiles)
  • Removing joints in the smallest of corners with the tungsten carbide tip (sanding and rasping finger)

Watch our video of these accessories in action on Toolstop TV.

What multi-cutter accessories do you use the most? Tell us in the Comments section below. And be sure to Share this article with your friends using our Share buttons.

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