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Bosch GLI PortaLED Professional L-Boxx Joblight

Posted by Toolstop on 23rd Dec 2013

Yes, it’s bright. But what is it? We admit, it’s not the best photo of a product we’ve ever produced. But we have a good excuse*. You see, this photo was snapped during one of those "power tool spy moments". A manufacturer leaves us alone in a room with a brand new, never-been-seen-before product, and we have to break out the iPhone and grab a sneaky pic. And anyway, there’s an official Bosch photo further down…

So, what is it?

Well, it’s bright, yes. That’s because it’s a very bright LED work light. It’s bright because it’s made up of 60 LEDs, formed together into a flood light-style panel.

It’s called the Bosch GLI PortaLED L-Boxx.

That in and of itself isn’t particularly unique or special. It’s where you find this 60 LED-strong panel.

Watch our demo video to find out.

Basically you’ve got your standard L-Boxx, shock-resistant and capable of handling loads up to 100kg. Nothing unsual there. However, inside the L-Boxx you’ve got a lithium-ion battery connector, allowing you to slot in a 14.4v or 18v battery. On top of the L-Boxx Bosch have embedded the above mentioned panel of 60 LEDs, complete with a red on/off switch.

Bosch are claiming that if you slot in a fully charged 3Ah 18v li-ion battery you’ll be able to run the GLI PortaLED for 3 hours on maximum brightness.

And as you’ll have seen from our video maximum is very bright indeed. Check out the full spec from Bosch below.

Specifications  GLI PortaLED Professional
 Power supply    14.4 or 18 V lithium-ion batte
Brightness [lumen]  1,200
Brightness [lux 1m/2m] 1,700/500
 Number of LEDs    60
 Brightness settings     3 (30%, 70%, 100%)
 Possible positioning angles    4
 Available sizes
 (correspond to conventional L-Boxxes)
136, 238
Weight including 14.4 volt battery
 with 3.0 Ah (136/238)
 approx. 3.7/4.2 kg

Obviously, the GLI PortaLED does more than light up those dark, scary corners of the job site. It also totes your power tools. Check out our range on Toolstop.

From what our power tool spy can glean, the GLI PortaLED will be available "naked" or in a kit that includes li-ion batteries, but we’ll have the full details in due course.

Was our power tool spy impressed and would he recommend it?

Yes. If you’ve already bought into the Bosch li-ion range, you probably need this L-Boxx. Not only does it mean you don’t need an extra torch in your kit, you can use the L-Boxx to store your existing power tools and light up your work environment at the same time.

It’s coming to the European market very soon and Toolstop will be your #1 source of knowledge on this and all the other new power tools being released by Bosch, so "stay tuned".

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