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What is the Best Lawnmower for 2021?

Posted by Katy | Toolstop on 30th Mar 2021

For many, lawnmowers are an essential garden power tool. This Toolstop buying guide explains the pros and cons of petrol, electric and cordless lawnmowers and highlights some of the best lawnmowers for 2021.

What is the Best Lawnmower for 2021?

Lawnmower Buying Guide

With Spring just around the corner, and the weather set to pick up, it's time to think about making the first grass cut of the season. For many, mowing the grass can be an enjoyable experience, but with the wrong lawnmower, it can quickly turn into a chore.

Lawnmowers are an essential garden tool. They are used multiple times a year, and often for years to come, so it is important to choose a quality model that will last and produce great results time and time again. In this Toolstop guide, we compare petrol, electric and cordless lawnmowers, explaining the pros and cons of each and recommend some of our top picks for best lawnmower for 2021.

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Bosch Rotak Lawnmower

Electric, Cordless or Petrol Lawnmower?

There are so many different models of lawnmower on the market today; cordless, electric, petrol, hand mowers. Each serves the exact same purpose - to cut grass. So which one should you opt for? Inevitably, this is dependent on the application you need it for. Ask yourself - How big is your garden? Will a cable stretch far enough? How much budget do you have to play with... etc. Below we have highlighted the pros and cons of each type of lawnmower.

Cordless Lawnmowers: Cordless lawnmowers give you the freedom to roam anywhere around the garden. Big or small, you won't need to worry about trailing cables getting in the way or not stretching far enough. They are often the most lightweight and compact option, allowing for easier storage and transportation. But, as they are powered by a lithium-ion battery, you risk them running out of charge. Of course, they are designed to be used for this purpose, so they do have great runtimes, but depending on the size of your garden, they may not be the best option for you. If you are using them on a larger scale, you will want to check how many minutes of runtime you can achieve or the area the lawnmower can cover before running out of charge. We always recommended you have a fully charged backup battery at the ready for this reason.

Electric Lawnmowers: Electric lawnmowers can be powered all day long. Use them for your front garden, back garden, neighbours garden, you name it without running out of charge. But, a major downside to electric lawnmowers is the cable. Cables often won't stretch far enough and can get in the way when in use which can be dangerous. Of course, the cable on a lawnmower is longer than that of a standard power tool as they are designed to be used in larger spaces, but an extension lead may be needed to allow you to cover the full area of your garden (depending on the size). An electric lawnmower may not be the ideal choice for a professional gardener as accessing a power supply may be difficult at times, but for home gardening, they are usually a great option. Electric lawnmowers are typically in the mid price range and don't require any maintenence. Simply plug it in and you're good to go!

Petrol Lawnmowers: Petrol lawnmowers are extremely powerful, though they are often the noisiest option. Petrol is extremely accessible, but it is also expensive. Think about an electric or cordless lawnmower, it is a one off purchase. Whereas with a petrol powered lawnmower you will be required to replace the fuel regularly (depending on how often your grass needs cut). Petrol mowers are often the best choice for larger lawns, or the professional gardener. They are typically the most powerful option making them better adapted to dealing with more demanding applications.

Push Mowers: Push mowers are extremely eco friendly. They require absolutely no power, so can be used anywhere and everywhere, no matter the size of area you need to cover. They are typically better suited to smaller gardens as they require a lot of work from the user. Push lawnmowers are not recommended for long grass or cutting on slopes.

So to conclude, it really does depend on the application. If you are working on an industrial scale or are a professional gardener, petrol is probably the best option as you can top it up for power all day. For average sized gardens, it is down to personal preference. Will a cable stretch far enough? Will you remember to charge the batteries? Once you have weighed up the pros and cons of each, you should be able to come to a logical decision based on which will work best for you.

Other factors to consider when buying a lawnmower

Another important factor to consider is the size of the lawnmower. Does it have an adjustable handle? If you are tall/small, this may be a deal breaker for you. Does it fold up to become nice and compact? If so, it will be easier to store during the colder months and when not in use. What is the cutting height? A lot of lawnmowers have an adjustable cutting height. Essentially, this determines how short it will cut the grass. And what about cutting width? The wider the cutting width, the less time it will take to cut your grass as the lawnmower is covering a larger area at a time. But again, the wider the cutting width, the bulkier the model. Price - is it within your budget and will you get your money's worth? Lawnmowers are large garden power tools, so inevitably, they come at a price. But fear not, you can take advantage of our finance options at Toolstop.

Best Electric Lawnmower

Our top pick for best electric lawnmower is the Bosch Rotak 34 R. This lawn mower provides great cutting results right to the edge. It has 5 height of cut settings which allows you to get your grass to your desired length and a large 40 litre grass box which increases productivity by reducing the amount of time spend emptying. With its 34cm width of cut and lightweight design, it ticks all the boxes. This model is ideal for medium sized lawns and is one of the most popular lawnmowers on the market.

Top Features:

  • The powerful motor provides a reliable cut, even in challenging situations such as long, overgrown grass
  • GrassCombs deliver clean results along edges, driveways, fences, and walls
  • Ideal for small to medium sized lawns
  • Mow all day long without needing to recharge batteries


  • Motor power: 1300W
  • Width of cut: 34cm
  • Cutting system: Rotary blade
  • Weight: 11.1kg
  • Grass box capacity: 40L
  • Height of cut: 20–70mm

Find out more about this product here:

Bosch Rotak 34

Best Cordless Lawnmower

Our top pick for best cordless lawnmower has to be the Bosch Rotak 32 LI. The Bosch Rotak 32 is one of the bestselling lawnmowers of all time. This particular model is powered by a 36V battery and is ideal for small to medium sized gardens. It has a 32 litre grass box and adjustable height of cut between 30-60mm. Other features include its 32mm width of cut and GrassCombs which ensure clean results along edges, flowerbeds, walls, and paths.

Top Features:

  • Ideal for small to medium sized gardens
  • Quick results with cordless freedom
  • Comfortable and healthy working position with ErgoFlex handles
  • GrassCombs ensure clean results along edges, flowerbeds, walls, and paths


  • Width of cut: 32cm
  • Height of cut: 30-60mm
  • Battery charge time: 60 min
  • Recommended lawn area: up to 150 m²
  • Cutting system: Rotary blade
  • Grass box capacity: 31L
  • Battery voltage: 36V
  • Height of cut settings: 3

The Bosch Rotak 32 is available as both an electric or a cordless version. You can shop both styles at Toolstop.

Bosch ROTAK 32

Other Lawnmowers We Love:

The Bosch UniversalRotak 36-650 is a cordless lawnmower powered by a 36V battery. It is extremely powerful yet makes very little noise thanks to its ProSilence feature that reduces sound by up to 30%.

Top Features:

  • Cordless freedom with excellent cutting results
  • ProSilence reduces sound by up to 30%
  • Height can be adjusted in six stages from 25-70mm
  • The LeafCollect blade cuts grass and collects leaves


  • Height of cut settings: 6
  • Battery quick charge time: 80% charged in 96 mins
  • Height of cut: 25-70mm
  • Width of cut: 36cm
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Grass box capacity: 40L

Find out more and shop this model.

Bosch UniversalRotak 36-650

That was our complete guide to the best lawnmower for 2021. Cordless, electric or push mower, there is a lawnmower for all at Toolstop. We hope this guide has helped you find out which lawnmower is best suited to your needs and which you should opt for this season.

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