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Cutting Plastic Pipe and Tube With RIDGID Cutters – a Toolstop Guide

Posted by Toolstop on 26th Nov 2013

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When you’re cutting pipe you don’t want to be messing about; you want to get the cut made quickly, but you also want it to be clean and for your cutter not to mash or deform the pipe in the process.

We’re delighted to bring you some tips on how to achieve this using two great cutters from RIDGID.

Ridgid PC-1375ML (23493) Single Stroke Plastic Pipe and Tubing Multilayer Cutters

RIDGID PC-1375 Single Stroke Plastic Pipe and Multilayer Cutter – click for full spec and our best price

Who needs it?

Anyone who wants to the cleanest and quickest way to cut multilayer, PVC, CPVC, PEX, PE, and rubber hose in capacities of 3-35mm. The PC-1375 will handle each with aplomb, in part due to the typically high quality of engineering and manufacturing that mark RIDGID as one of the top players in the pipe cutting market.

What makes it special for you?

Have a look at our video demo on Toolstop TV (click here) or watch it in our player below.

We reckon there are a few reasons you should be clicking here to add the PC-1375 to your kit. The design of it is specifically for professional users, so you know you’re getting a cutter that’s robust and easy to use. It features RIDGID’s X-Cel™ technology for quick and clean cuts, a key benefit obviously.

The action is wonderfully precise and powerful; single-action scissoring of the blade into the tube or pipe. Squeeze the handle and the blade slices through what you need to cut. And when the blade become dull, it’s quick and easy to replace.

It comes with a multilayer adaptor which will reduce the cutting capacity to 6-25mm. But it supports the tube or pipe while you cut and allows you reform the tube or pipe after the cut.
Ridgid RC-1625 (23498) Plastic Pipe Ratchet Cutters

RIDGID RC-1625 (23498) Plastic Pipe Ratchet Cutter – click for the full spec and our best price

Who needs it?

The RC-1625 is a ratchet style cutter, perfect for cutting larger diameter pipes and tubes from 3-42mm. It’s a similar operation to the scissor style of the PC-1375, but it uses a ratcheting action to slowly go through the pipe, and uses less arm strength. This also helps prevent the tube or pipe being deformed as you cut.

What makes it special for you?

Have a look at our video demo on Toolstop TV (click here) or watch it in our player below.

As you’d expect, all of RIDGID’s engineering quality is present in the RC-1625, so we recommend you click here to add it to your pipe and tubing cutting kit! The construction is rugged and precise allowing you to make square cuts without any burr.

The blade features RIDGID’s X-CEL® system and is quick and easy to change once it becomes dull.

While you cut you’ll immediately feel how robust and well-made this is. The ratching system is going to allow you to control the cut with ease, even on thicker  PVC, CPVC, PEX, PE, PB, multilayer pipe, tube and rubber hose.

So, that’s Toolstop’s 2 recommendations for professional tube and pipe cutters.

We’d love to hear your tips on quickly, safely and efficiently cutting pipes and tubes, tell us about them in the comments below.