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DeWALT DCH481 SDS-MAX Hammer – a True Cordless Beast

Posted by Toolstop Colin on 7th Aug 2017

Drilling 40mm into concrete or using a core for 100mm holes was once the absolute domain of corded SDS rotary hammers.

However, DeWALT promised us that its 54v cordless tools would give you the performance of a corded machine. You can read all about the launch of the 54v XR FlexVolt platform in our guide here. And now, with the launch of the DCH481, we can drill anchors and fix holes into concrete, brick and masonry up to 40mm. No problem.

There are two DCH481 models available, either body-only or a bundle which includes the new 54v 9Ah batteries*:

We’ve got an EXCLUSIVE video demo of the DCH481 in action, check it out on Toolstop TV.

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DeWALT DCH481 SDS-MAX Hammer – What’s the Spec

The DCH481 isn’t the only 54v cordless SDS hammer in the Dewalt stable. However, it is the only one that’s both SDS-MAX and capable of comfortably running a 100mm core bit into masonry. All day long.

So, if that’s your bag, the DCH481 is for you.

DCH481 impact energy new copy

The impact energy on tap is 6.1 Joules (EPTA 05/2009) which is delivered to the chuck up to a stonking 3150blows per minute.

A full breakdown of the drilling capacities are:

  • Max. Drilling Capacity [Concrete]: 40 mm
  • Max. Drilling Capacity [Breakthrough bit]: 65 mm
  • Max. Drilling Capacity [Core bit]: 100 mm

DeWALT DCH481 SDS-MAX Hammer – What Are the Features

Safety first. The DCH481 is fitted with DeWALT’s excellent Perform and Protect. This is a system of due diligence put in place by the company to ensure that tools with the Perform and Protect badge have industry leading vibration control, torsion and torque control, all with the aim of protecting you while giving you the best performance from the tool as possible.

DCH481 perform and protect new copy

Off the back of this is Anti-Rotation, which cuts the power to the chuck should the bit snag while you’re drilling. A red LED light flashes to let you know what’s going on, just ease off the trigger and you’re able to start up again.

The 54v motor is, as you’d expect, brushless. That means it’s virtually maintenance-free, better suited to keep performing in dusty condition, and will take a knock without issue. It runs cooler, which in turn means better efficiency with the energy it draws from the 54v battery.

The DCH481 has, of course, 3 modes, with rotation stop mode for chiselling and impact stop mode for rotary only drilling with dry diamond cores.

DeWALT DCH481 SDS-MAX Hammer – Should you Buy it

With more and more sites forcing us to go cordless wherever possible, it makes absolute sense to look to buy the DCH481 if your job involves making holes in masonry, particularly at height (ie. up the top of scaffolding).

If 100mm core bits are your game, then out of all the cordless SDS drills, the DCH481 is the one to go for.

Bear in mind there are two versions. So if you’ve already got a few extra 54v XR FlexVolt batteries in your arsenal, go body-only.

However, if the new, higher capacity 9Ah batteries are tempting, then pick up the DCH481X2 kit which is bundled in a kit box with two of them.

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*The stated capacity – 9Ah – only applied when the battery is used in an 18v XR tool. However, when fitted on a 54v machine, it offers 3Ah of charge capacity. Bear in mind, though, that the 54v tools draw less power from the battery