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DeWALT DCV582 Cordless Corded Vac – Why You Should Buy One

Posted by Toolstop on 12th Aug 2014

We all need one, so we should all have one; a decent vacuum cleaner for the workshop or jobsite. We’ve got a great range in stock, click here to see them.

Many of us are relying on big heavy duty monster vacs, and these are great; they sit in situ, they help keep the dust controlled and they clean up after us.

But they’re big and heavy, they take up a lot of space in the van.

In this article we’ll present you with a convenient, adaptable alternative that’s designed to be picked up, moved around and used wherever you need it to be.

DeWALT DCV582 Cordless/Corded, Wet & Dry Vacuum – What Are the Features and Benefits

Seeing it in action will be the best place to start, so watch our video filmed exclusively with DeWALT in their UK training HQ (see it on Toolstop TV here).

Cordless vacuum cleaners aren’t a new concept. Makita has a great one, and like it, the DCV582 is availabe as a "body-only" unit, in other words, you won’t find a battery in the box. We’ve got more info on these types of power tools here.

The DCV582 has been designed work in tandem with DeWALT’s legendary 18v XR battery system, so if you’re already using 14.4v or 18v packs (including the new 18v 5Ah versions), the DCV582 will blend beautifully into your kit.

Just take the battery from your combi-drill, for example, slot it into the vac and you’re ready to clean up the dust and debris you’ve just created in that remote part of the jobsite.

However, clearly the main drawback of any cordless vacuum cleaner is the fact that it needs you to have a charged battery to hand in order to use it. So, what if you’ve drained that battery in your combi-drill?

That’s where the DCV582 really comes into its own as it also runs off the mains via the 240v cable attached. Ideal for when you’re in the workshop or close to a power point.

The dual power supply feature is one of the key benefits that we’re confident you’ll love! The hoses, power cable and accessories are all stored compactly on-board the vac making it very easy to transport to where you need it to be.

Packed into the small footprint of the DCV582 is a HEPA filter capable of trapping 99.97% of the harmful dusts created while you work, particles as fine as 0.3 MICRONS (read more about staying safe while drilling into concrete or masonry here).

Switch the hose from the extraction port to the blow port turns the vac into a blower, fantastic for clearing wood shavings etc from your workspace.

The filter is water-proof allowing you to use the DCV582 for wet applications also, the tank capacity of 7.5 litres being ideal for sorting out any water spillages where you’re working.

So, we reckon this is an ideal addition to any of you guys already sporting DeWALT’s XR batteries in your kit, giving you the portable capapilities of a cordless wet/dry vacuum, while being able to rely on 240v uninterupted power when you need it.

Let us know what you think of the DeWALT DCV582!