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Evolution RAGE3-DB Mitre Saw – Review and Video Demo

Posted by Toolstop on 11th Jul 2014

There are times on the jobsite when our task demands a tool that’ll handle pretty much anything we throw at it. But one tool that can be a bit fussy when it comes to this. Mitre saws.


Usually because of the blade. Some mitre saws come with all sorts of fancy features, advanced dust extraction ports, specialised motors and more. However, they’ll only cut one type of material. Wood. And that’s because the blade fitted to it is only designed to cut wood.

But what if you want to cut metal sheets, pipes or box sections? Or plastics? Or what if you’re doing a renovation job and the wood you want to cut has nails in it. And you don’t have time to draw all the nails out, but you need to cut the wood.

Your fancy, state-of-the-art mitre saw won’t thank you if you try to tackle cutting any of these. Why? Again, the blade!

No one likes losing mitre saw blade teeth. It’s a pain in the neck and in your wallet. Plus you lose important work time while you change it. And you will, if you hit nails hidden in the wood.

Because of this, we all love a tool that’ll do lots of different applications for us, quickly, efficiently, safely and properly! That’s why we’re keen to take you through some of the features and benefits of the RAGE3-DB TCT Multipurpose Double Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw from Evolution.

One of the key benefits to any saw from Evolution (click to see our range, in stock now) is that blade that comes in the box. These blades are what sets Evolution’s saw apart from the competition.

The Ability to Cut Wood, Wood with Nails, Metals and Plastics – All Made Easy

Obviously, you expect your sliding mitre saw to cut wood, and the RAGE3-DB will. With ease. And that’s wood up to 80mm thick, with a width of 320mm. However, because of the tungsten carbide tipped blade fitted to the RAGE3-DB you’ll have no problem at all cutting through wood that still has nails or screws in it.

No broken saw bleed teeth, no sparks, no motor jams, the blade slices clean through them with no difficulty whatsoever. As we noted in our demo video below, there isn’t even any change in the motor tone, indicating it’s no problem for the saw to cut the embedded nails.

So, if you’re cutting skirting boards or hardwoods like those used in decking, the RAGE3-DB will step up and handle these jobs with absolute ease.

But let’s got a bit further in our examination of this saw…

“The Evolution RAGE3-DB Outperforms ‘Normal’ Saws”

This is the big claim from Evolution as a result of the blade’s technology, which is patented to them.

How, exactly, could the RAGE3-DB outperform other slide mitre saws?

It seems to be because of the way it handles cutting metal. Again, cutting metal isn’t particularly unique for a mitre saw, but because of the Evolution blade you can go from cutting wood to cutting metal sheets, pipes and box sections straight away without changing the blade.

And the cuts you get in metal are phenomenal; clean and cold to the touch, again due to the type of blade the saw uses.

lus, no burrs and virtually no sparks, which makes using the RAGE3-DB a viable option in environments where you’d normally need to use alternative methods for cutting metal.

At this stage it could be easy to think that this Evolution mitre saw is a one trick pony, relying solely on the patented saw blade technology.

But this is actually a top quality saw, backed up by a hi-torque gearbox that reduces stress on the motor, which in turn will spin the blade at 2,500rpm.

And then we’ve got the double-bevel action, angling to 45º at each side which means you don’t have to readjust your workpiece. The built-in laser guide will help you make accurate cuts, and the 320mm slide action will easily handle long cuts.

Who Should Buy the Evolution RAGE3-DB Mitre Saw?

We reckon Evolution are aiming this saw at anyone who regularly needs to cut metal and plastic and wants the stability and functionality of a sliding mitre saw.

So, anyone who builds decking, fits kitchens or bathrooms or carries out home renovations.

All-in-all, it’s a great tool to have in your arsenal and the Evolution blade’s capabilities will knock your socks off.

We put together a simple demo video of the RAGE3-DB, which you can watch right here on Toolstop TV:

We want to know what you think of the saw, and tell us about the great experiences you’ve had with your Evolution saw blade!