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Fein ASCM18QX 18V 4-Speed Brushless Drill Driver – Why You Need One

Posted by Toolstop on 20th Oct 2014

Fein aren’t just masters of the oscillating multi-tool, their Multimasterbeing the orange bastion on jobsites around the world. The German company also has a stable of gorgeous cordless power tools, of which this Toolstop report (with demo video, seen below) is going to focus on the ASCM18QX 18v drill driver.

Watch our video demo of the ASCM18QX on Toolstop TV (click here).


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Why Brushless Drill Drivers are Better Than Ever

We’ve talked about brushless technology on the blog before, so click here to get all the info you’ll ever need on why brushless tools matter.

However, the basics are:

  • no brushess to wear out and need replaced: virtually no downtime for maintenance
  • less heat generated in the motor: heat kills power tools. Fact.
  • smaller and lighter: the motors are more compact because there are no brushes
  • more efficient motors mean longer battery runtime: get more working hours per battery charge

Fein says that the brushless motor in this machine is 30% more efficient than a brushed motor.
Fein ASCM18QX 18V Cordless li-ion Brushless Drill Driver 4-Speed with Removable Chuck

How to Get Long Runtimes from Your Brushless Drill Driver

Clearly any cordless tool depends, ultimately, on the battery you’ve slotted into it when it comes to runtime. Supplied in the tough orange carry case, along with the side handle, you’ll find two 4Ah 18v batteries.

The batteries are smart, benefiting from single cell protection protects the batteries from deep discharge and that they charge – and release the charge – without overheat, extending their lifespan. The battery and motor "talk to each other" via a cable through the switch to ensure neither will damage each other.

We all know now that lithium-ion batteries are getting bigger, but not in physical size, rather the amount of charge the cells can hold. So, 4Ah is better than 3Ah, and Fein are promising a 3 year warranty on the tool, the battery and the charger (simply register your tool online with 4 weeks of purchase to qualify), so your mind will be at rest when you work.

In the real world, all of this means you can work longer, Fein claiming you’ll able to drive in 1800 screws on one battery charge. And you can keep your eye on the charge level of the battery via the push-button indicator on the side of the battery pack.

4 Speeds for Control, Plus Lots of Torque

Fein ASCM18QX torque and clutch
The clutch isn’t adjustable via the chuck, but rather benefits from an electronic system that provides you with 15 torque settings per gear, plus screwdriver. And the rotatable dial has the screwdriver setting at each end; keep turning it and you’ll hit the screwdriver mode within seconds.

A key benefit, however, of the ASCM18QX is the 4 speed options available to you. Accessing the is done via the unique-to-Fein gear selector. This gives you the ability to very quickly slide the selector to which ever speed you want, no matter what speed the drill driver is currently running on.

Fein ASCM18QX gear selector
In practical terms this means that this brushless drill driver from Fein offers you a huge range of potential applications. In our demo video you’ll see that it easily handled 4.5mm x 30mm wood screws at a low torque, to drilling massive timber fixings of 10mm x 400mm  at high torque, but slow speeds, and tackling sheet metal using high speed drill bits. It does it all.

The ASCM18QX Has a Removeable Chuck

This drill driver is all about keeping you working without having to swap power tools to finish a job you’ve already started with it. What we mean is, you’ve used a drill bit to make a pilot hole. With its quick-change function you can swap out the chuck, leaving the drill bit in place for your next hole, and swap over to the magnetic bit holder, already loaded up with your bit holder, ready for you to drive in the screw.

Then when you’re ready, swap back to the drill bit quickly and efficiently.
Fein ASCM118QX quick change chuck system

In terms of the bit holder, it’ll take C 6.3 and E 6.3 bits, while the drilling chuck benefits from carbide-tipped clamping jaws which incredible tough and reliable, gripping your rounded drill bit shanks like a vice.

Other Featres on the ASCM18QX You Need to Know About

You’d expect it to benefit from a bright LED job light, and it does, located at the base of the handle, just above the battery pack, with pre and post-glow; depress the trigger slightly to illuminate your work area without engaging the motor. Obviously this helps to save the battery charge.

What’s the Spec of the Fein ASCM18QX Brushless Drill Driver

This is a capable beast, and as we’ve seen it’s one loaded with fantastic labour saving features. In terms of capabilities, here’s what it’ll do for you:

  • Speeds: 4 speeds – 400rpm, 800rpm, 1950rpm and 3850rpm
  • Torque: 15 settings up to a maximum of 90Nm
  • Drilling Capacities:
    • Wood: 50mm
    • Steel: 13mm

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All in all, we’re very impressed with the Fein ASCM18QX. While it may lack some of the glamour in the looks department found in other cordless, brushless drill drivers, we’ve sure that Fein advocates will lust after it, what with the patented 4 speed electronic gear selector, the 90N of torque and the huge benefit of the quick change chuck system. So, click here to buy one.

What’s your thoughts on it? Tell us in the comments, along with any questions you may have!

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