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Hitachi Breakers and Demolition Hammers – 3 of the Best

Posted by Toolstop Katy on 2nd Mar 2017

Heavy-hitting, big-breakers, vibration-dampened – in this guide we’ll take a look at 3 of the best breakers and hammers available right now from Hitachi. Check out the entire range here.

We’ll cover the spec, the features and the main benefits to adding a Hitachi hammer or breaker to your kit. All of them qualify for Toolstop Finance!
Hitachi H90SG Heavy Duty Breaker

Hitachi H90SG Heavy Duty Breaker – SHOP HERE

Starting with one of the biggest hitting breakers available right now from Hitachi, this is the monsterous H90SG. From the rubberised grips to the UVP vibration reduction system, the H90SG is all about punching hard, but keeping the harmful hand/arm vibrations to the absolute minimum.

It features a 28mm bit shank, an optimised hammer function, and a large switch, which makes it comfortable and easy to use.

The housing is aluminium, which helps to keep the overall weight of the breaker down, but also helps protect it from the obvious knocks and bumps it’ll be exposed to daily.

The motor outputs 70 joules of energy to the bit, providing you with up to 1000 impacts per minute.

Find out more about the Hitachi H90SG Heavy Breaker here.

Hitachi H65SD3 Low Vibration Demolition Hammer

Hitachi H65SD3 Low Vibration Demolition Hammer – SHOP HERE

Also offering you a 28mm shank which accepts 3 types of 28.5mm hex shank bits: standard hex, collarless retaining groove and air tool bits, the H65SD3 is an incredibly versatile demolition hammer.

The hammer action offers 28 joules of impact energy from the 1340W motor. With an impact rate of up to 1400 ipm, Hitachi has worked hard to keep the vibration under control. Again, this is fitted with UVP vibration reduction and a shock absorbing back handle.

The aluminium body has double internal insulation to help protect the inner workings, and the large power switch has a lock-on function.

Find out more about the Hitachi H65SD3 Demolition Hammer here.

Hitachi H60MEY SDS-Max Demolition Hammer

Hitachi H60MEY Demolition Hammer With Brushless Motor – SHOP HERE

Featuring and SDS-Max shank and a fully-brushless motor (Hitachi has stripped out most of the moving components to help guarantee and amazingly long service life for the motor), this is a hard hitting, but ergonomic demolition hammer.

The 1500W motor outputs 1500-2100 ipm and 20 joules of impact energy: this is a powerhouse of a hammer! And it benefits from constant speed control.

The cushion the huge power output, UVP vibration control is in place, along with ergonomic and rubberised grips.

It’s covered by a 3 year warranty from Hitachi, and it’s bundled up in a carry case with the side handle and a bull point SDS Max bit.

Find out more about the Hitachi H60MEY Demolition Hammer here.