It’s happened to the best of us.

You’re finishing a job on-site for a customer and you get a call on your mobile. While you’re chatting on the phone, some clumsy so-and-so pours half a ton of concrete right where you’re standing.

Of course, because you’re so focused on your phone call, you don’t notice.

And before you know, you’ve ended the call and discovered that you’re up to your wellied ankles in fast-drying cement.

It’s a tough choice, but you decide that in order to make it home in time for tea (and it’s your favourite; chicken fingers, beans and potato waffles), you need to abandon your favourite wellies in the concrete.

Now, obviously that looks a bit unprofessional, doesn’t it? Leaving behind a perfectly good pair of wellington boots, stuck adrift in a sloppily poured concrete soup, right there on your customer’s premised.

Litter lout.

The question is, how are you going to get them out of there?

We wondered the same thing, so we asked Mike from Hitachi power tools to lend a hand.

His choice of weapon for the job was Hitachi’s DH36DAL 36V SDS-Plus Hammer Drill.

And why not? It’s a reasonable choice. It packs a powerful 36v, 2.6Ah battery (and in our kit has two of ’em), it’ll output 2.8 joules and provide you with up to 4500 impacts per minute.

Slap a chisel bit into the SDS+ shank, as Mike did, and you’re all set for chipping those wellies out of that cement. Just make sure you’ve got a firm grip of the ergo handle and the adjustable side handle, and you’re all set!

Obviously, Hitachi has designed the DH36DAL to do more than chipping into concrete. It’ll also drill into it, upto 26mm. And into metal and wood, 13mm and 30mm respectively.

The charger will take around 80 minutes to rejuice the batteries, and the built-in fan will cool them as they charge. Plus the brushes on the motor are replaceable, so you’re going to be able to keep this hammer drill running and running with very little maintenance.

Now, Hitachi claim that the 3 modes on this hammer drill "includes hammer only for light chiselling", but we think you’ll see from our video of Mike liberating our wellies from the concrete that it’ll handle perhaps a little bit more abuse than that. Watch the video on Toolstop TV.
A big thanks to Mike for being a good sport!

What ridiculous tasks have you put your power tools to? And have you ever found yourself cemented in? Let us know in the comments.

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Photos courtesy of Philip Mack Photography

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