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Makita 36v Cordless Lithium-Ion Tools – Exclusive from Toolstop

Posted by Toolstop Fraser on 20th Jan 2014

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Makita has announced a raft of exciting new cordless power tools for the start of 2014. Of course, we’re bang up to date thanks to our power tool spy.

Click here to read our scoop on the new 10.8v and 18v li-ion tools.

Our Power Tool Spy has also gleaned info about what we reckon will become a growing trend in 2014; 36v cordless tools.

These tools from Makita are powered by two 18v batteries, which when combined within the tool, will provide the motor with 36v of power.

First up, the DHR263, click here for the full spec and our best price.

Makita DHR263 hammer
Slot in 2 of your Makita 18v li-ion packs, and if you’re already using Makita’s 4Ah 18v li-ion packs, you’ll get even longer runtimes from the hammer!

We’ve seen this idea before from Makita in the BHR262 with the BCV02 battery coverter. However, the DHR263 is lighter and more compact thanks to the redesign!

The DHR263 is paired with it’s almost-identical twin, the DHR264 – click for the full spec and our best price.

As you can see from the image below, the main difference between the two hammers is the addition of a quick-change chuck which allows you to use standard straight shank drill bits. However, like the DHR263, this is available naked only, waiting for you to slide in your existing 18v li-ion batteries.
Makita DHR264 hammer
Obviously a key feature of both versions of this drill is the one touch slide action of the SDS+ chuck.

Both have a 3 mode operation selector ring giving the choice of rotation only, rotation + hammering and hammering only.

Handy battery life indicators are located just about the battery ports, and as you’d expect the ergonomics of these hammers is fantastic; soft grips where you want them, with a side handle and depth-stop included in the box.

At the front of the drills you’ll find the LED job light which includes pre and after-glow functions, great for brightly illuminating your work area, even without engaging the motor.

Running the motor from the equivalent of 36v of power means these hammers are going to give you loads of drill and hammer capabilities.

The maximum into steel, wood and concrete is 13mm, 32mm and 26mm respectively. Switching to hammer mode gives you up to 4,800bmp.

Keeping with the idea of using two 18v batteries to provide your power tool with 36v is the new DHS710 190mm circular saw; click for the full spec and our best price.

Makita DHS710
Again, this is body only, it’s just waiting for two of your either 3Ah or 4Ah 18v Makita battery packs to be slotted in. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to make cuts of up to 66mm or 49mm when you’ve tilted the blade to 45º or even 44mm when the blade is at 50º.

The motor spins at 4,600 rpm and the dust is blown away from the cut through the rear dust exhaust port which can be attached to a dust extractor. The base plate is made out of magnesium die-cast, which is durable and light.
Makita DHS710ZJ 18V Cordless li-ion Circular Saw (Body Only)
Ergonomics are top-notch, once again, soft grip in all the right places and a front handle to make sure you’ve always got the saw under control.

Finally, a fantastic benefit of this saw is that it weighs even less than the 5008MG (see our review here) even with the 2 18v batteries fitted! Incredible.

Tell us what you think of these 36v powered cordless tools from Makita in the comments section below; what would you like to see next in this range?