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Makita BTP141 4-Mode Combi-Drill – Toolstop REVIEW

Posted by Toolstop Fraser on 1st Nov 2013

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We got hands-on with the Makita BTP141 four mode cordless combi-drill, check it out on Toolstop TV (click here) or watch in our player below.

Buying one drill designed to perform multiple drilling, driving and impact driving jobs makes good sense. And when that drill is manufactured by Makita, then you’re looking at a tool that’ll be reliable, efficient and capable. Could this be 4 tools in one?

As it’s part of Makita’s huge 18v lithium-ion family of cordless power tools, being able to buy it naked (or body only, ie without a battery supplied) is a great advantage to any of you already using Makita 18v li-ion powered tools already. Simply charge up one of your spare packs, slide it on and you’re good to go. It’s also compatible with Makita’s new 4Ah 18v packs, read more about their advantages and benefits here.

In this Toolstop Review Guide of the Makita BTP141 we’ll cover:

So, how does the BTP141 stack up in terms of spec and features, and how will these benefit you at work?

Makita BTP141’s Spec

Impact Rate – Stage 1 in Impact Mode Impact Rate – Stage 2 in Impact Mode Impact Rate – Stage 3 in Impact Mode
 0-1,200 ipm 0-2,400 ipm 0-3,200 ipm
Impact Rate – Stage 1 Percussion Mode Impact Rate – Stage 2 Percussion Mode
0-8,400 ipm 0-32,400 ipm

Drilling Capacity – WOOD Drilling Capacity – MASONRY Drilling Capacity – STEEL
21mm 8mm 10mm
Torque Capacity – Maximum Torque Settings
150Nm 9 screwdriver modes + Teks screw mode

This is a more than capable combi-drill, pushing a huge maximum torque of 150Nm, plus giving you control across 3 modes of impact and 2 stages of percussion, coupled with a range of screwdriving torques.

Electronic Mode Selection

All of the above spec is controlled electronically on the Makita BTP141. Mode selection is easy via the rotating collar. Rotate until you find the mode you require.

Via the 1/4″ chuck you’ll be able to fit a variety of bits and drivers to tackle your drilling and driving jobs, whether into wood, stone/masonry or steel.

Above the battery pack you’ll find a visual indicator what control you’ll have over your drill/driving application.

So, for example, by rotating the collar to choose impact driving mode the digital display will adjust to allow you to control the torque (along with showing you the battery charge state). By pressing the + button on the panel you can adjust the amount of torque delivered to the bit. See our table above for the amounts of torque available across the 3 modes.

This panel is also active when you rotate the collar to screwdriver mode. This time, by depressing the + button you select from 9 clutch settings according to the torque you require for driving your screws.

Brushless Motor Technology

By now the obvious  trend from the forward thinking power tool companies is to go brushless. The advantages of brushless motors in our power tools are numerous, including longer tool lifetime thanks to few serviceable parts (serviceable often means “can go wrong”!). Brushless motors require less battery juice to spin, therefore you get longer run times from your lithium-ion battery packs.

And as can be seen from our photos of the BTP141, brushless means small. This combi-drill weighs in at only 1.5kg, 100 grammes lighter than its predecessor, the BTP140.

And because brushless motors require smaller housings, the BTP141 is 14mm shorter than the BTP140 with a 4mm smaller motor housing.

While these numbers may seem small, it all adds up to having a smaller, lighter, longer-running and more reliable tool in your hand all day, a tool that’s really 4 drills in one.

We’d love to hear your thoughts or questions about the Makita BTP140 4-mode cordless combi-drill. Talk to us in the comments section below.

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