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Makita CXT Tools with New Slide Batteries – NEW VIDEO OVERVIEW

Makita CXT Tools with New Slide Batteries – NEW VIDEO OVERVIEW

Posted by Toolstop Fraser on 22nd Feb 2016

Evolution means change. And change means being prepared to adapt and improve.

That’s clearly Makita’s philosophy now that they’ve announced the arrival of their new and improved  10.8v cordless power tools. In this exclusive Toolstop Guide, we’ll look at the changes, how they improve the tools and what you’ll need by adapting and upgrading as a result.

We’ll also cover a few of the new tools in Makita’s popular 10.8v range that benefit from this evolution.

new makita 10.8v batteries for 2016

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Makita 10.8v Cordless Power Tools – What’s New for 2018


Watch our exclusive video guide here.

The first thing that we noticed about this new battery pack system is the name. Branded as “CXT” (Compact eXtreme Technology) we’re immediately on the alert that something is different. And that’s the case, both on the outside and the inside.

At first glance the change is noticeable. These new CXT batteries are modelled on the successful 18v range and are now slide-in versions.

These batteries featured improved multi-contacts enabling them to have a better connection with the tool itself, even during high vibration applications. A more robust connection means an improved transfer of power from the cells in the battery through the motor in the tool.

As a result, these new 10.8v tools, while being diminutive in size and footprint, are going to offer use greater torque. And the cells themselves in the batteries have been upgraded to higher capacities. More charge held, better transference of power to the tool.

Out of the box, the new 10.8v tools and kits will have 2.0Ah packs included. However, Makita tells us that 4Ah alternatives will be available as an optional upgrade. Ideal if you plan to buy a naked tool and add a 4Ah pack to your shopping cart.

Think about that: 4Ah of capacity in a 10.8v battery, powering small, smart tools. These things, we’re sure, will run all day. And well into the next…
makita cxt batteries

Charging the batteries are new chargers and Makita is getting smart with these. They offer built-in charge overload protection while the batteries are smart enough to prevent over discharge. Great ways to make sure you’re protecting your cordless power tool investment. Makita states that the charge time for the 2Ah version is around 30 minutes. Less time than you’ll spend munching your ham salad roll at lunchtime.

In addition to that, the batteries benefit from overload circuitry to prevent them burning out should you push the tool too hard, and will work down to a temperature of -20Cº. As we all know, cold weather is the enemy of lithium-ion battery fuel cells, so it’s great to see Makita factor this in, allowing us to work long and hard on cold winter days.

Missing from the older 10.8v tools was a battery charge indicator. But because these new packs are modelled on the wildly successful 18v range, we now have a 4 LED light indicator to tell us how well fed the battery is.
makita cxt cordless tools and batteries

Makita 10.8v CXT Batteries and Tools – What’s the Advantage

To answer this, we need to consider why we use a 10.8v cordless power tool in the first place.

Typically it’s because we’re working in tight confined spaces, we need to have high manoeuvrability coupled with precision while we work.

The new CXT tools will still have all of those advantages, but now with the added benefit of great torque and transference of energy from the battery packs into the tools themselves.

That means more kitchen cabinets hung, more worktops trimmed, more M10 bolts tightened, etc.

And as we’d expect from a Makita cordless tool, all the usual comfortable ergonomics are in place. The tools are well balanced in the hand – and can be stood upright on your workbench because of the new slide-in battery or hung on your belt via the belt clip – and all the areas that come into contact with your hand, gloved or otherwise, are covered in soft rubber.

makita cxt cordless power tools

What New Makita CXT 10.8v Tools Are Available – click to see the range

We expect this to be a range that’ll grow legs as Makita looks to mirror the huge range of tools available in its successful 18v LXT range. Here are a few that are available right now (click the links to shop):

  • DF031DWAE Drill Driver. Benefits from 18 torque settings, variable speed control through 1700rpm, vibration K-factor of 1.5 m/sec², and the ability to drill 21mm into wood. Also available body-only.
  • TD110DWAE Impact Driver. 110Nm of torque, vibration K Factor of 1.5 m/sec², 0-2,600rpm, and the ability to drive coarse thread screws up to 90mm and bolts up to M10. Also available body-only.
  • JR103DWAE recip saw. 2 switch set up; paddle or trigger, 50mm capacity into wood via a 13mm stroke length and up to 3,300spm, tool-less blade change. Also available body-only
  • JR105DWAE recip saw. As above, but with the ability to accept jigsaw blades. Body-only version available also.
  • HS301DWAE circular saw. 25.5mm cutting capacity at 0º and 16.5mm at 45º via the 85mm diameter blade, 1,500 rpm and vibration K-Factor 1.5 m/sec², perfect for installation tasks thanks to the narrow motor body and robust base frame. Also available body-only.

makita cxt 10.8v tools

We’re excited to see these new tools in action when we visit Makita’s UK HQ next month, so be sure to like our Facebook Page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel, the only places to see our EXCLUSIVE video demos.

What’re your thoughts? Shout out your comments below and shout out your friends by sharing this on your favourite social network.

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