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Makita DTW1001 & DTW1002 – Spec, Features and Benefits

Makita DTW1001 & DTW1002 – Spec, Features and Benefits

Posted by Toolstop Katy on 24th Mar 2016

The DTW1001 and DTW1002 Brushless Impact Wrenches from Makita are similar but differ on a few fronts. We’ve been analysing them in turn, letting you guys know the features, spec, benefits and typical applications for which you can put them to use.

In this article we’ll be looking at both Cordless machines:

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The Japanese power tool giants are clearly very proud of the heritage of its cordless impact wrenches, pointing out that they’ve become the standard in steel erection industry, heavy engineering, plant maintenance and for the pit-stop teams in the World Touring Car Championship and all-electric Formula E World Championship.

These are certainly hefty credentials, but what will each offer you? Let’s break it down.

makita dtw1001

Makita DTW1001 & DTW1002 Brushless Cordless Impact Wrenches – What are the Differences?

Starting with the DTW1001, pictured above, we have a ¾” square drive machine that can produce 1,050Nm of tightening torque.

Watch our exclusive video on the DTW1001 on Toolstop TV.

Over and above that, the machine provides 1,700Nm of “nut busting” torque. This will easily allow you to loosen even the tightest fixings. For the first 5 impacts when the trigger is pressed the nut busting torque kicks in before dropping down to the default 1,050Nm.

If the nut still won’t loosen, let go of the trigger and go again.

Great feature and it’s found on both tools.

The DTW1001 will handle the tightening of an M30 standard bolt, or M24 high tensile bolt with impact sockets held on the ¾” square drive with a pin and ring fixing.

The DTW1002 has the more common ½” square drive, with a friction-push fit, and delivers a maximum 1,000Nm of tightening torque. Like the DTW1001, it also offer 1,700Nm “nut busting” torque.

Watch our exclusive video of the DTW1002 on Toolstop TV.

Makita DTW1001 & DTW1002 – What are the Main Specs, Features and Benefits

makita dtw1001

Clearly, the top benefit of both cordless tools is the brushless motor, which can be powered by Makita’s LTX batteries but will offer you the best performance when paired with the 5Ah packs.

makita dtw1002

The motor gives you enormous control over the drive via the selection button found on top of the battery housing. Via this switch, the power can be set electronically to deliver three levels of impact power – hard/medium/soft.

The speeds provided by the motor 1,800rpm, 1,000rpm and 900rpm respectively. With the torque per setting of 500Nm, 750Nm, and 1,050Nm – or 1,000Nm on the DTW1002.

Lots of power, but equally lots of control.

Controlling the power is vital and both tools benefit from an electronic drive brake in the motor, stopping the drive the instant you remove your finger from the variable speed trigger. All the usual Makita ergonomics are in place including the signature soft rubberised grip.

Beneath the trigger, you’ll find twin LED lights on both models, which feature after-glow delay. However, by depressing the power selection button on the battery housing, you can opt to have the lights on all the time, or off by default.

makita dtw1001 impact wrench

And speaking of the battery housing, you’ll notice that this looks a little different from other LXT cordless tools. And that’s in part due to the built-in dampening section to prevent batteries from being damaged by impact vibration when the tool is in operation.

Who should be buying the  DTW1001 or DTW1002?

Obviously, the first consideration is the size of drive you require. Once you’ve settled on that, we reckon these new impact wrenches will be a huge hit with steel fixers, plant engineers and heavy engineers worldwide.

What’re your thoughts on the DTW1001 and DTW1002? Let us know in the comments. And SHARE this with your friends on your favourite social networks!

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