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Makita HS301D 85mm Circular Saw – Why Smaller Can Be Better

Posted by Toolstop Katy on 22nd Feb 2016

Sometimes tools get bigger. Sometimes tools get smaller. And there are some tools that remain the same size. Each has a place in our kit, depending on the jobs we need to do and the functionality they offer us.

So, why does the new CXT battery powered circular saw from Makita deserve our attention? In this short guide we’ll cover the spec, features and benefits of the HS301D 10.8v cordless circular saw from Makita and help you decide if you want to add it to your arsenal.

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The best place to start is by watching our exclusive video demo of the saw on Toolstop TV.

Right out of the box the size of the saw if the first thing you notice. It’s ergonomic, sprightly, nimble but robust. All of Makita’s usual soft rubbery bits are in place to make it comfortable in the hand, but it carries a certain toughness thanks to the metal base plate.

And speaking of this, via the bevel action, the saw will cut a respectable 16.5mm when beveled over to 45º. When used at 0º you’ll be getting a 25.5mm cut. And of course, the cutting depth is adjustable via a quick turn of a thumb screw.

Due to saws of this stature being used to cut laminates and thin boards, the HS301D benefits from a top mounted dust extraction port allowing you to pull harmful dust particles from close to the blade itself. Great feature.

Over and above that, it benefits from a blower function which will help keep the cutting line clear, ideal for use in tighter spaces where visibility might be a bit limited.

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Makita’s bigger 18v batteries have had all sorts of necessary functionality added to them over the years, including individual cell monitoring, battery circuit protection, etc.

These safeguards help prevent deep discharge of the battery, and help to protect it against you going a bit nuts while you use your cordless tools and baking the battery beyond usefulness.

Now we see all of these features included in the new CXT (Compact eXtreme Technology) packs, 2 of which are supplied with the HS301DWAE, providing 2Ah of storage charge per pack. And there’s a body-only version available also.

We wrote about these new CXT batteries and the tools that’ll benefit from them, you can read our report here.

The HS301D looks different from it’s predecessor. That’s in part because the batteries don’t slot into the tool, they slide in. Just the same as their 14.4v and 18v bigger brothers do.

The batteries are a significant upgrade from the older slot-in versions, thanks to improved multi-contacts, and the tools benefit by having greater torque for you to tap into and a better transfer of power to the motor.

And the HS301D capitilises on this improved battery technology, offering the 85mm blade a fantastic 1500rpm. And that’s in a tool that weighs just 1.8kg.

If you’re a kitchen fitter, a floor fitter or a plumber, for example, we reckon the HS301D is worthy of your consideration as an upgrade.

Small, robust, capable and running off improved 2Ah, 10.8v batteries, it’s the sort of circular saw that’ll have you trimming and cutting in niggly, awkward spaces all day long – or whenever you need it to.

What’s your thoughts on Makita’s new CXT battery powered circular saw? Let us know in the comments along with the 10.8v Makita tools you’d like to see upgraded to the new batteries next.