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Makita LCT204 Cordless Twin Pack – Unboxed and Reviewed

Posted by Toolstop on 28th Nov 2014

Perfect for plumbers, electricians and kitchen fitters, Makita’s LCT204 2 piece kit is unboxed and reviewed (click to buy).

Twin piece kits are typically great value for money and bundle together two power tools that you’ll be using all day, every day.

The Makita LCT 204 is one such kit, powered by Makita’s popular 10.8v lithium-ion batteries that charge quickly and give you the run time you’ll need for driving fixings and drilling holes in tight spaces.

Makita LCT204 2 Piece Kit – What Do You Get?

The kit is made up of two 10.8v tools, the DF330D drill driver and the TD090D impact driver. Two 1.3Ah batteries and a fast charger are also included. Both of these drivers benefit from front-mounted joblights, situated just below the chuck. This is perfect for working in dark, confined spaces like in kitchen cabinets. And as you’d expect from Makita cordless power tools, both benefit from soft, rubberised grips for comfort, along with perfectly balanced ergonomics.

The whole kit is bundled up in one of Makita’s classy-looking aluminium flight cases; tough and easy to carry. The tools fit into it nose first, meaning the grips are facing you when you open it up, ready for you to grab and get the job done.

What our exclusive unboxing and demo video on Toolstop TV to see what the kit looks like.
Makita DF330D Drill Driver – What’s the Spec?

For starters, for all this is a small, light and compact drill driver, it doesn’t skimp of spec or features. For examples, it has a robust keyless chuck, and with the correct bits fitted it’ll drill holes up to 10mm into steel and 21mm into wood.

For screwdriving it has a respectable 18 torque settings, spinning up to 1300rpm on speed two, and a more controlled 350rpm on speed one.

Makita TD090D Impact Driver – What’s the Spec?

Again, we’re dealing with a small and compact power tool with a very short headlength, meaning you’ll be able to benefit from its 90Nm of torque in tight spaces. It’ll handle the following bolts and screws with ease via its 1/4" hex shank:

  • Machine screw: M4-M8
  • Standard bolt: M5-M12
  • High tensile bolt: M5-M10
  • As it’s an impact driver it gives you up to 3200ipm, which is plenty of grunt for a tool as small and light as this, coming in at just 0.92kg.

Makita LCT204 – Reviews

All of the products we sell have reviews from people who’ve actually bought them. So what are users of the LCT204 twin pack saying about it? Here’s an example:

I do alot of DIY work and am really pleased I bought this produt. It is very easy to use and gets the job done in no time. – 10/10

Click here to see the reviews for yourself.

One last thing…it’s also available in white! Great way to really stand out from the crowd, get yours here.
And if you’re in the market for a Makita 10.8v twin pack that contains a combi-drill, rather than a drill driver, then you need to check out the DK1493, which is also in white!

Ask us any questions you may have about the LCT204 kit, or if you’re already an owner, tell us your thoughts on it.