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Metabo KS55FS Circular Saw – a Toolstop REVIEW

Posted by Toolstop Colin on 25th Jun 2013

In this in-depth review we’ll be taking a look at the Metabo KS55FS circular saw,  and outline for you the benefits of owning one. We also have a review video on Toolstop TV in which the tool is tested by Neil Bradbury of Avalon Builders. Keep reading!

Click here for the tool’s full spec and features and our best price.

In this hands-on review we’ll cover:

On-board Kit

One of the key benefits of the KS55FS for Neil is the fact that Metabo have designed the saw so that all the kit you’ll need while using it to perform a variety of cuts is built into the body.

The guide fence has its own home right there on the saw. No more leaving it in the van, losing it at the bottom of a cluttered tool box or forgetting it in a dark corner of the jobsite.

Simply slide it out of the slot, reverse it, and slot it into the guide, adjusting the tensioning screw.
The saw has a clearly marked, easy-to-read ruler allowing you to get the exact cut.

Changing the blade is easy too.

The KS55 has a stow for the allen key, again helping you make sure you’ll never lose it. There’s also a  well designed spindle lock button, clearly marked in red, contrasting with the KS55’s dominant green theme, which you press and hold before using the allen key to loosen or tighten the saw blade.

Using the correct saw blade in the proper way for your cuts is imperative for cut accuracy and operator safety, click here for our guide to buying and using saw blades.


A circular saw must offer you good balance and distribution of weight, both in the hands and when applied to your workpiece.

The saw should offer you stable grips for your hands, preferable rubberised for improved grip and comfort.

The saw should also glide effortlessly over the workpiece, not snagging, wobbling, kicking back or resisting as it cuts.

So, how does the Metabo KS55measure up?
Ergonomics were obviously a key design consideration for the Metabo team when putting this saw together. The grips are large and rubberised allowing you to confidently “boss” the saw while you cut.

The balance is great, it’s not too heavy as to be uncomfortable, but not too light so as to feel inadequate on the workpiece.

The lever for moving the guard housing is big, red and easy to reach while you work. And the trigger has a safety lock which can be released with either hand.

Build Quality

A key benefit of any professional power tool is excellent build quality. Metabo are known for the quality of their tools and the way they endure the rigours of life on the jobsite.

The KS55FS circular saw is no exception, boasting a die cast aluminium guard housing and base plate. This means that it’s strong and safe, and offers a rigidity in the hand and on the workpiece that helps inspire confidence as you use the tool.

The base plate also features a guide rail slot. If you want to know the benefits of working with a guide rail, click here for our helpful article.

Metabo state that the guide rail slot in the base of the KS55FS does not require adaptors for you to use it with your guide rail.


Blade Diameter Max. Cutting Depth @ 90º Max. Cutting Depth @ 45º Cutting Depth Adjustable No Load Speed Input Power
160mm 55mm 39mm 0-54mm 5,600rpm 1200 W

Video Review

We asked Neil Bradbury to test the Metabo KS55FS circular saw and give us his thoughts on it. You can watch the video on Toolstop TV by clicking here, or watch it in the player below.

What’s your thoughts on this saw from Metabo?