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Power Tool Resolutions – The Top 5 Tools Everyone Should Own

Posted by Toolstop on 23rd Dec 2010

With New Year almost upon us it’s that time where we all make resolutions.  In my case I never seem to keep them, usually resolving to be fitter or to lose weight but the extra few pounds always seem to be on me at the end of every year.

Some people resolve to make more of an effort to do those jobs about the house or garden that they’ve been putting off for so long.

So, we’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Power Tools that everyone should own in order to get those jobs done easier.

Here we go:-

1 – Cordless Drill

which power tools should you own - a cordless drillThis is the single most important piece of machinery you need.  Drill, screw, unscrew, fasten, unfasten, tighten, untighten, mix – there are just loads of applications.  I say cordless just for convenience, corded is fine as long as you are confident there’s always going to be a mains power source where you’ll be working and corded is generally more powerful.  Recently I’ve installed 2 cupboards with shelving, put up a curtain pole, put up a retractable clothes line and I also fitted the doors to my new kitchen cabinets with my compact drill driver.

The cordless drill may be slightly heavier than its corded equivalent but there have been massive strides recently to make these more light and compact.  You may choose a very small drill driver as I mentioned above or if you have more demanding tasks such as concrete drilling you might like a more powerful combi drill.

2 – Mitre Saw

which power tools should you own - a mitre sawA mitre saw is big and bulky so you’ll need a bit of space to store it and it’s not that easy to move around.  Some of the newer saws though come with carrying handles or wheeled stands to make transporting them easier.  The benefits are great though.  A mitre saw is going to give you cuts of great accuracy and power. Whether it’s a renovation you’re doing or just the odd dado rail or skirting board, your friends will marvel at the professional look of the job because of the use of this tool.

Recently I’ve cut some fascias for around a window, a skirting board for a spare room and a dado rail for the living room.  Now, I’m not a pro but it looks like a pro did the job because of the precision.  I also used the mitre saw in the cutting of my aforementioned cupboard shelves.  I even use it for chopping up logs for the fire.

A mitre saw comes in various sizes, normally from 8 to 12″ blade diameters.  They also come with different features such as sliding for more cutting capacity, bevelling for different shapes of cut and some even come with lasers now so you can be sure you hit your pencil line exactly.

3 – Finishing Sander

which power tools should you own - A FINISHING SANDERA sander is an often overlooked piece of kit but if you want to refine that piece of wood or make sure you have a smooth finish you need this tool.  Very light and easy to use there are a multitude of applications for a finishing sander.  Removing paint, smoothing off recently cut wood, restoring a wooden tabletop, finishing off the plasterwork you’ve just filled.  The jobs you can do are almost limitless.  Go around your home and I bet you can identify a multitude of things that can be sanded or smoothed.

I recently had to sand our wall after I had to take down the aforementioned dado rail because the wife “didn’t like it” and what a job I did (if I say so myself) – it looks as smooth as a baby’s bum.

4 – Angle Grinder

which power tools should you own - AN ANGLE GRINDERAngle grinders are generally used for removing excess material from something or for cutting.  You can purchase many accessories such as cutting discs, grinding discs, diamond discs, wire brush wheels, sanding pads and more which is what makes an angle grinder a very versatile machine particularly if you need to work with metal or masonry. They come in various sizes but the most common are those which will handle either 4 1/2″ or 9″ discs. Not generally a finishing tool, the angle grinder is a stable requirement for anyone planning on upping their DIY output levels.

Jobs I’ve handled with an angle grinder are cutting paving stones, stripping the weld off some metalwork and cutting some steel shelving brackets to size.

5 – Lawnmower

which power tools should you own - A LAWN MOWERMaybe not expected on a list of power tools but I thought about it and this is probably one of the most commonly used power tools around the house. When the spring comes you know you’ve got 6 months of seemingly never-ending trips to the shed to get the lawnmower out to cut the grass, just to watch it grow and have the same procedure in a week or two.

Lawnmowers come in a variety of types these days.  There are traditional corded lawnmowers, petrol lawnmowers, cordless battery lawnmowers, ride-on lawnmowers and flail lawnmowers.  Whatever one you choose will depend on the size of your grassy area and how convenient and powerful you want it to be.

Do you agree or would you have come up with a completely different list?

Let us know your top 5 and the jobs you intend to do next year with them and more importantly if you think you’ll ever get around to any of them.

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