Toolstop’s Guide to St Andrew’s Day

st andrew's day gift guide
Scotland is known for many things.

Haggis and poetry. Kilts and castles. Football and not winning.

And it’s also known for its national saint, St Andrew, the man who gave his name to the Scottish flag, the St Andrew’s Cross.

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So, to celebrate St Andrew’s Day, the Toolstop Team is pleased to bring you 6 power tools any proud Scot should have in his or her kit.

DeWALT DCS310N 10.8V Compact Reciprocating Saw

Dewalt DCS310N 10.8V Compact Reciprocating Saw
What better, more efficient way could there be for a Scot to cut open his haggis on St Andrew’s day. Granted, haggis is traditionally eaten on Burn’s Night, but we’re dealing with cliches here, so let’s just go with it.

The DCS310N is small and compact, features a 3 position pivot handle to give you loads of ways to hold the tool, plus the shoe pivots which allows for angled cuts.

It’s part of the XR battery range, so as its naked – ie. supplied without a battery – you can slot in any of your existing DeWALT XR batteries, saving you cash!

Click here to buy it.

Evolution Twister 1100W Variable Speed Mixer

Evolution Twister 1100W Variable Speed Mixer
What better way foranyone, let alone a Scot, stir their porridge in the morning?

It’s a scientific fact that porridge is the only food-stuff known to man that effectively keeps out the winter chills. However, the thicker the porridge the more efficient it is at keeping out the cold.

But with thicker porrige comes the challenge of stirring it.

Take the strain out this by using the Evolution Twister. The Twist spins at speeds up to 750rpm, which will handle extremely thick porridge and milk/water mixtures (and also concrete, we’re told in this video), is kitted with a robust headstock and ergonomic handle and is suitable for plaster, mortar, tile cement, cement lime, epoxies, artex, screeds & sealants, gypsum & granulates and paints.

And oats.

Click here to buy it.

Makita HG5012K Heat Gun

Makita HG5012K Heat Gun
We’re told this Makita HG5012K Heat Gun is perfect for stripping paint, varnish and adhesives off.

But we’re also confident that it could warm the nether regions of any kilt wearning Scot. Particularly if he’s a true Scot, if you know what we mean.

After all, standing on the Mound in Edinburgh, playing bagpipes and wearing a kilt this time of year is a very chilly experience. The occassional blast of warm air up the kilt would be ideal.

However, do not try thiswith a heat gun.

Click here to buy it.

Job Site Radio

Bosch GML10.8 V Jobsite Radio
Talking of bagpipes, it’s a known fact that not all Scots enjoy hearing the skirl of the Scottish national instrument. To that end, there’s one piece of kit that’s going to be particularly useful. A job site radio. Why? To drown out the sound of the bagpipes, of course…

Bosch’s GML10.8V (also known as the GML 10.8 V) is tough enough to take knocks at work and powerful enough to drown out the skirl.

Click to buy one.

Bosch GOP 250 CE Professional Multicutter

Bosch GOP 250 CE Professional Multicutter
We all know how cold Scotland can be, so it’s important for every Scot to have a reliable means of scraping the ice from off the car windscreen.

To that end, why not consider the every-practical Bosch GOP 250 CE?

It’s a professional multicutter that’s perfect trimming and repair jobs, sanding, cutting, removing grout. And, of course, removing ice from windscreens.

Actually, we’ve just checked the Toolstop Multi-Cutter Buying Guide and it turns out GOPs aren’t actually supposed to be used for scraping ice, but we’ll leave it in our list anyway because it’s such a fantastically versatile tool.

And just a reminder, don’t use the Bosch GOP – or any multi-cutter – to scrape ice from your car’s windscreen. Or anyone’s windscreen.

Click here to buy it.

Ridgid SeeSnake

Ridgid 32948 Seesnake Compact Inspection Camera - 30 metres

One of Scotland’s national treasures is the Loch Ness Monster, or to give it its scientific name, Nessie.

The only problem with Nessie is that we don’t have actual proof that the beast exists. The challenge is to provide said proof, and we’re confident the financial rewards would come rolling in.

That’s why a RIDGID SeeSnake should be in the kit of any self-respecting Scot.

Using the push cable, with embedded LED lights, you’ll be able to probe into the dark waters of Loch Ness, up to a depth of 30m, with the resultant images being displayed bright and clear on the LCD display. Record and capture the footage onto an SD card and proudly show the world that, yes, we’re not nuts; Nessie does exist.

We hope you take our St Andrew’s Day Power Tool Buying Guide in the humorous spirit it’s meant, and we equally we hope you have a great day pondering the wonders of being Scottish!

If you could add any tools to this list, what would they be? Let us know in the comments below.

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