Anyone relying on a tool cabinet full of tools for automotive work, engineering work and the like, knows that having the best is the only way to go.

A kit that’s ISO rated and comes with a lifetime guarantee is a no brainer, whether you’re a blacksmith, a mechanic, an engineer, a serious DIYer or workshop enthusiast.

Being able to slide open the cabinet and immediately the tool you need, and to know and trust that’ll it do the job you need it to is absolutely vital.

With all of that in mind, we’re delighted to present you with the fantastic 1001 piece tool kit and rolling cabinet from Teng Tools, the TCMM1001N Mega Master Tool Kit.

Teng TCMM1001N Mega Master Tool Kit

First off, we’ve got a video on Toolstop TV which details some of the features, benefit and spec, along with how to get the best from it as you set it up. Check it out here.

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What is the Spec of the Teng TCMM1001N?

Teng TCMM1001N Mega Master Tool Kit
Essentially the TCMM1001N is made up of 3 tool chests;

  • TCW810N 8 Series Roller Cabinet, comprising of 10 drawers
  • TC803N 8 Series Middle Box, comprising of 3 drawers
  • TC806NF 8 Series Top Box, comprising of 6 drawers

Each drawer has an 8 series ball bearing mechanism for the smoothest, most reliable action on the market.  And each drawer is designed to store the supplied 1001 tools that come in the kit.

Teng TCMM1001N Mega Master Tool Kit
The rolling cabinet is supplied with 4 wheels, two of which are rotatable but also lockable, and once the supplied handle is fitted to the cabinet, you’ll be able to easily maneuver around your workshops, taking the tools to where the job is.

What’s so Good About the 1001 Piece Tool Kit and What Tools are Included from Teng?

One of the key advantages of owning the TCMM1001N Mega Master is that it keeps all your tools very well organised. The drawers open fully allowing you to access the tools at the back, the whole system being modular, with each of the 1001 tools having a place.

Open a drawer and you’ll see all the tools arranged methodically, which in practical terms means you’ll find the right tool quickly, and at the end of the day a glance through each drawer will tell you if anything is missing or out of place. We’ll cover the proper arrangement of the tools within the drawers later in this article.

The tools in any good kit should serve more than one function, and that’s the case with the Teng TCMM1001N.

For example, the versatility of the tools supplied is evident when you consider something as simple as the extension bars. When slotted together they turn into a handy T-bar wobble extension kit.

In terms of the variety of tools found in the kit, bear in mind there’s 1001 of them, so check out the full list on our website.

However, we can select a couple of them and highlight the sort of quality and functionality you’ll get.

Take the 5 piece ratchet set. They benefit from 45 teeth to give you the ability to work well in tight spaces; just small movements of the ratchet will tighten or loosen the nut you’re working on. The wrenches have a thumb activated reverse switch and a quick-release button to get the socket on or off easily.

And then there’s the supplied sockets, all of which have thin walls and flanked drives to again give you the best experience when tightening or loosening nuts even in the tightest of spaces, and even in the nut has been rounded off.

Staying on wrenches, the kit comes with the TTX1292, a 1/2" torque wrench with angle gauge, plus a 22 piece torque socket set. The torque wrench clearly displays the Nm or torque and what angle you need to forward or backwards at to get the desired torque applied.

Obviously this is just scratching the surface of the 1001 tools, so to get the big picture, see the entire list on our website here.

How Do I Fill Up the Drawers on the TCMM1001N?

how to set up the teng tcmm1001n
The key to getting this kit working well for you is keeping the drawers properly organisedwith all of the tools and kits in the proper place.

To do that we recommend adhering to Teng’s guide to which kits go in which drawers. That way all 1001 tools will fit perfectly and snugly and you’ll know very quickly which drawer to open to find the tools you need, plus as stated, you’ll be quickly able to tell if any pieces are missing.

We’ve got all you need to know on our website, including photos showing you exactly how the drawers should look as you fill them up.

For example, on the left you can see the 6 drawers contained in top cabinet and which tools should go in which drawer.

One key point to remember, as was pointed out in our demo video, remove the lids from the kits and keep the female dovetail to the left of the drawer, slotting in the male dovetails as you fill the drawer up. This way the kits will fit perfectly.

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We already know lots of you guys love Teng Tools, but we want to hear your thoughts on this Mega Master Tool Kit, so talk to us in the comments, including asking any questions you may have.

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