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Teng Tools – Stay Organised With Top Quality Tools Guaranteed

Posted by Toolstop Colin on 5th May 2015

The beauty lies in the details.

It’s not often you hear an expression as prosaic as that applied to tools, yet that’s what Teng Tools has done.

The reason for this is that during the course of their 3 decades in business they’ve tried to apply that principle to the tools and tool cabinets they manufacture.

We wanted to know if there’s any truth in the statement, so we spent a couple of days with the team at Teng Tools in their UK headquarters, pouring over a cross section of the products that are used, abused and trusted in more than 30 countries by trades people just like you.

For starters, Teng Tools aren’t about power tools. They’re about hand tools, and while there are loads of companies pushing out mass produced hand tools, we reckon there are at least two things which help Teng stand out from the crowd.

The first is the quality of the tools. These aren’t of the like that you’ll perhaps pick up on a supermarket shelf. Teng Tools make tools that are trusted by top motor racing teams and respected car manufacturers.

Now, it’s clear that these trades demand tools that are reliable, so Teng Tools backs up the quality of their Swedish designed tools by slapping a life-time guarantee on them.

So, that’s one key way that Teng Tools deserve our attention.

Added to that is the design of the tools themselves. Because they’re trusted by hardcore professionals, Teng Tools actively looks for feedback from these guys on what works well and what can be improved. These suggestions are then engineered into their tools.

So from the carbon fibre reinforced wrenches to the chrome vanadium steel spanners, you know you’re getting top quality kit.

This is a huge benefit to us as we’re getting professional standard tools that are literally guaranteed to the job they’ve been designed to do.

Who Should Buy Teng Tools?

On our site we’ve got a huge range of the tools available, including:

From the above list let’s take a closer look at a couple of options available to you.

Teng Tools Workshop Kit

This leads us directly into the second way that Teng Tools stands out from the crowd; the ability to organise your tools just the way you want them to. We’ve written an in-depth report on the Teng Tools Mega Master, which you can read here. This is one of the flag ship products produced by Teng Tools and it’s the sort of kit you’ll find in top end workshops around the world.


Build quality and the Teng Tools tool control system. The beauty is in the details. First off, the build quality, as we’ve seen above, is top notch and benefits you by giving you the peace of mind of a life-time guarantee.

But where Teng Tools workshop kits really come into their own is the tool control system.

Like the name suggests, this is all about giving you control over your tools. The system is genius and allows you to take a modular approach to your tool kit. Buying a monster like the Mega Master is going to give you 1001 tools in a rolling cabinet. Great.

But with the tool control system you have absolute control over how the tools are laid out in the drawers.

Watch our video demo of the Mega Master here.

And on top of that, each modular tool tray is clearly marked out with the position of each and every tools, socket and bit. The huge benefit of that is you’re able to see exactly what’s missing…So at the end of the day, at a glance in the drawers you’ll see if you’re missing a tool or a socket or a bit.

And on top of that, when you’re working you won’t be wasting time searching through cluttered and messy tool drawers trying to find a particular size of spanner. Because you’ll have the kits arranged exactly as you want them, you’ll know at a glance where the tool or accessory you need is.

This is one of the key things that stood out to us during our two days with Teng Tools, they’re passionate about helping you stay organised. The better organised you are, the more efficient you’re able to work. It’s as simple as that.

Teng Tools Service Kit

We really enjoyed taking a look at the TC8140NF service kit, packaged up with 140 tools and accessories. This bit of kit lacks the vast bulk of the Mega Master, but again benefits from the tool control system. Who should have it? Well, we reckon it’s perfect for automotive mechanics and engineers of any stripe.

See our demo video of it here.

Teng Tools Tool Kits

As well as making fantastic tool cabinets, Teng Tools also has a huge array of tool kits, often aimed at one particular trade or profession, such as car or motorbike mechanics or engineers. These kits come in two distinct types of case. One is designed to be used as a stand alone tool kit. The other is designed to be part of the tool control system.

For example, the T3848 3/8″ forty eight piece kit. This comes in drop-tested case with rubber feet on the base to prevent it sliding all over the back of your van. Inside you’ll find a range of screwdrivers, each with the type and size laser etched onto the shaft, 14 combination spanners, 16 six point sockets, a couple of extension bars and a tough but very light ratchet. Once again, the beauty is in the details.

We unboxed one with Teng Tools, and you can watch our video here

What about tool kits that you can use in a Teng Tools cabinet?

They’ve got plenty of those and each comes in a special plastic case. Now obviously these kits work well on their own, they’re typically compact enough to slip into any tool bag, but they really come into their own due to them being part of the above mentioned tool control system.

By prising off the box’s lid, you can slot it directly into your Teng Tools cabinet, arranging it just as you like with your other kits. This gives you the ability to customise your tool cabinet so that only the tools you need to use on a regular basis are present, and they’re organised in such a way as to be just where you need them when you need them.

In conclusion then, we enjoyed our time with Teng Tools, and it was great to see these fantastic tool kits up close, seeing for ourselves the beauty in the details.

Whenever you need a top quality screwdriver or socket set, you know you’re getting a set of tools with a life-time guarantee, designed in Sweden for professionals.

Or if you’re into full-blown workshop or service kits, meticulously organised, Teng Tool’s cabinets, filled to the gunnels with modules tool sets, look no further.

Take a look at these sets: