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The 10 Best Power Tools – a Response to the Independent

Posted by Toolstop Colin on 8th Jan 2014

On Monday the UK’s Independent newspaper published it’s 10 best power tools as a sort of inspiration for the millions of people determined to get those DIY jobs finally completed in 2014.

While the list is pretty decent, we wanted to publish our response to it, focusing on the more professional end of the power tool market. And I’m sure you’ll excuse our arrogance; we reckon we’re the experts…Plus we’ve based this selection of tools on what our customers buy, because we know they’re the experts, putting their money where their mouth is.

So, here’s our guide to the 10 best tools to get your hands on this month.

The first 5 tools in our list are here based on merit; they were selected as the nominees for our Power Tool of the Year 2013.

Makita DHP480RMJ 18V Cordless li-ion Brushless Combi Drill

This represents Makita’s first foray into the world of brushless combi-drills (click for our drill buying guide). The huge benefits of running a brushless motor in a drill such as this is obvious; fantastic runtimes, longer tool lifetime all packaged together in a combi-drill that’s both robust and compact. Slap a new 4Ah battery on it and it’ll run 1.4 times longer on a single charge that its predecessor, charging in only 36 minutes.

The DHP480, while offering a powerful 370w output, has a headlength of only 185mm. The gearing is all metal, so it’ll stand a knock, and Makita has engineered it with XPT to help protect the tool against dust and water ingress.

Dewalt DCN690M2 18V li-ion Cordless Brushless 90mm Framing Nailer

DeWALT’s new for 2013 framing nailer represented a huge breakthrough. Brushless motor powered by lithium-ion batteries. The first on the market.

This nailer is a belter, giving you up to 600 nails per fully charged 4Ah battery. Again, the efficiency of brushless comes to the fore, not just in runtime but also in what the nailer is capable of; fire in 90mm ring shank nails into C24 construction timber, no problem at all.

Plus, with a nailer like this you’re saving cash; no more gas. Just slap in a battery and you’re good to go.

It’s worth noting that Toolstop’s customers voted this their 2013 Power Tool of the Year.

Bosch GOP18VECNCG 18V Cordless Professional Multi-Tool

The GOP is a popular tool, a real get out jail free card, click for our multi-tool guide. Slap on the appropriate cutter, grinder or sanding disc and you can accomplish all sorts of jobs quickly and easily.

Bosch hasn’t rested on its laurels, though, and this year saw them release their first GOP powered by, once again, a brushless motor.

Slap on one of their CoolPack 4Ah li-ion 18v batteries and you can power through your jobs. Bosch claims the GOP18VE will give you 30% longer runtime with a fully charged battery than you’d get from a traditional cordless DC motor.

And as for accessories, the GOP features Bosch’s SDS for quick tool-free accessory changes, and the OIS fitting means you can use a wide range of accessories from other manufacturers.

Metabo KGS 254 M Sliding Mitre Saw

The KGS254 isn’t a newtool for 2013. But it’s a very popular tool. We sell lots of them and that’s for a very good reason. Simply, it’s a great saw, either for professionals or serious enthusiasts, and Metabo’s signature quality German manufacturing is all over the saw; precision bearings on the support rails, great ergonomics and a laser guide. And you guys know a good quality tool when you see one.

It features a slide and a single bevel and a built-in laser guide for accurate cuts.

It’s ideal for cutting laminate flooring, decking, 3" x 3" fence posts (brilliant for those fencing repairs after the high winds), and floorboards.

Hitachi C7SB2 185mm Circular Saw

Hitachi consistently produce quality tools at a great price, and the C7SB2 is no exception. It’s a no-frills saw, but what you get on it guarantees you’ll get the job done, from the soft grip handle to the heavy duty aluminium base plate.

The C7SB2 includes spindle lock so that you can quickly and easily change blades, and when you’re cutting it allows you to set a true angle of 90º with absolute accuracy. Everything about it is easy to use.

Makita DBO180Z 18v Cordless li-ion 125mm Random Orbit Sander

This is Makita’s first random orbit sander engineered to be powered by their 18v li-ion batteries; simply slap in one of your exisiting batteries, either 3 or 4Ah, and you’re good to go. It feels great in the hand as it features Makita’s typical ergonomics. It’s small, compact and easy to use with a low centre of gravity, and it’ll dance over the surface you’re sanding.

Makita claims its as powerful as an AC powered sander, giving you up to 11,000 oscillations per minute through 3 speed settings and comes with a dust bag, but it can be connected to a dust extractor.

Metabo STA18LTX QUICK li-ion Cordless Power Extreme Jigsaw

Metabo’s jigsaw is for professionals who want a tool that’ll provide them German precision engineering, powered by the company’s fantastic batteries. This model is supplied with 2 4Ah batteries (fully charged in 30 minutes), but will support Metabo’s 5.2Ah lithium-ion power packs.

It’s packed with great features like an LED joblight, QUICK blade ejection system (no more burning your fingers on a hot blade), 4 stroke pedumlum action (click for our guide), and the base swivels through 45º. It’ll make cuts into wood up to 135mm as the motor powers up to 2700 strokes per minute.

Bosch GWS9-115P – 115mm Angle Grinder with Slim Grip and PROtection Paddle Switch

Much beloved by stonemasons, this is an affordable and capable mains-powered grinder from Bosch that pushes out 900W of power, spinning the discs at up to 11,500rpm.

Bosch take the quality of the motors in their grinders very seriously, and they haven’t skimped on the GWS9-115P, packing in a PROtection switch which instantly switches the machine off when it is released. The motor is cooled directly while in use and features long-life carbon brushes, and the cable grommet has been redesigned to give it a longer lifetime.

The side handle has gorgeous ergonomics and the safety guard can be adjusted easily without the use of any additional tools.

Makita DHR242RFEV 18V li-ion SDS Plus Brushless 3 Mode Rotary Hammer Drill 24mm + DX01 Dust Extraction System

Ok, we’re really pushing the boat out on this one and we would agree that this isn’t going to be on the shopping list of any DIYer, serious or otherwise. However this list is for professional power tool users, so anyone that requires a powerful, cordless SDS+ rotary hammer drill, that just so happens to be powered by a brushless motor (click for our guide to why you should consider going brushless), should be looking at this beast from Makita.

The configuration pictured includes a removable dust extraction system that has to be seen to be believed in terms of how well it works. The rotary hammer itself will push 24mm bits into concrete via up to 4,700 blows per minute.

Dewalt DW304PK 1050W Reciprocating Saw

A good quality recip saw is a must for anyone involved in the construction industry, from window fitters to joiners and plumbers. This cracker from DeWALT has a 4 position blade clamping system which allows you to work at virtually any angle and the 1050W motor will move your blade at up to 2800 strokes per minute, all controlled via the variable speed trigger.

The stroke length is a healthy and helpful 29mm meaning you’ll chew through wood up to 280mm thick, and with the correct blade chosen (click for our guide) metal pipes and steel sections up to 100mm thick.

That’s the Toolstop list of the best 10 power tools! What tools would be on YOUR top 10 list?