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ToughTerrain – the Smart Toolbox of the Future

Posted by Toolstop Katy on 1st Apr 2017

Designed by the esteemed concept house Olaf Pirlo, we’re proud and excited to announce the launch of the most advanced toolbox on the planet.

ToughTerrain – Designed for the Job site, Built for the Future

There are 3 main concerns for any robust, rolling tool case:

  • it should securely house your power tools
  • it should be easy to transport across the rough terrain of any job site
  • it should have an internal motor to power the wheels

ToughTerrain, by Olaf Pirlo, ticks all those boxes and more.

For example, let’s start with the wheels. Not only are they constructed from puncture resistant Teflon-coated rubber, they’re also truly all-terrain, thanks to the rugged, internal shock absorption.

Regardless of how tough the terrain between your van and where you’re working, the wheels and shocks will make sure the ToughTerrain effortlessly transports your power tools to where you need them to be.

ToughTerrain – Compatible With MakPac and ToughSystem

The design team at Olaf Pirlo has created a smart toolbox that will inherently work with any existing Makita MakPac or Dewalt ToughSystem case you already own. Simply use the supplied adaptors to quickly and effortlessly modify the ToughTerrain’s interior to support your most used power tools.

And once you own the ToughTerrain base unit, you can add smart module “Stackies” to the kit, stacking them up to give you more space for your tools.

ToughTerrain – the Smart Choice

Built into the ToughTerrain is a Bluetooth 4.0 chip which communicates wirelessely with the ToughTerrain app (available via the App Store and Google Play) installed on your smartphone.

Via this technology you can locate your ToughTerrain to within 1 metre thanks to the GPS functionality. In addition, you can remotely lock and disable the ToughTerrain to help protect your valuable power tools should “sticky fingers McGhee” decide to make off with them.

And for extra security 120Db alarm can be triggered via the app, a noise loud enough to disable any potential thief.

Or scare the wits out of the HSE inspector should he happen to walk past ToughTerrain.

ToughTerrain – it Does the Hard Work

In addition to all of the amazing features outlined above, ToughTerrain is also motorised. And this is a world’s first.

Pull ToughTerrain out of the van, flick the power switch on, and thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, it will follow you through the job site. Internally the team has built-in a 200W motor powered by a rechargeable 36v battery. Charge ToughTerrain via the supplied DC converter straight from your van’s cigar lighter, and the motor will be able to draw 1 hour’s run time per charge.

More than enough time to get to and from your area of the job site.

The design team has hinted that in the future a solar panel add-on will be available which will charge the battery using the sun’s rays.

It terms of weight, the ToughTerrain is designed to support up to 95kg. That will take care of your tools and allow you to take a ride on top of the unit at the end of the day! Great way to take the load off while you head back to your van.

ToughTerrain – The World’s Smartest Tool Box

This truly is another piece of genius from the team at Olaf Pirlo, who gave the world the gifts of iSaw, Joblin Teasmade and Breezewalk.

A toolbox that’s smart. A toolbox that’s motorised. A toolbox that is secure. A toolbox you can ride like a little remote control car through the job site.