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Trend CraftPro Saw Blades – Ideal for Professionals

Posted by Toolstop on 25th Feb 2016

The saw you’re using, whether it’s a circular saw, mitre saw, table saw etc, is only as good as the blade you’ve fitted to it, right?

After all, you’ve dropped a fair chunk of cash on your new saw and you demand from it clean, accurate cuts, regardless of the material you’re cutting. However, despite how well your saw performs, how tough it may be, how versatile it is, fitting a poor quality blade will never give you the type of cut you demand.

All professionals know this!

So we’re delighted to announce that we’re now stocking a fantastic range of professional-class saw blades from Trend that are as affordable as they are competent.

Trend is perhaps best known for its routers and cutters. But the company has used its decades of knowledge and experience in this field and channeled it into producing the CraftPro range of blades that are designed to give you a professional finish in wood, MDF, partical board, hardwood and plywood.
trend craftpro saw blades

What to Look for When Choosing a Professional Saw Blade

For a start, you need the correct size of blade for the saw you’re using. The CraftPro range covers blades sizes from 125mm to 350mm, ideal for cordless trim saws all the way up to table saws.

The blades themselves benefit from:

  • Reamed bore. This ensures a presice fit to the spindle of your saw regardless of the brand you’re using
  • Microgranular tungsten carbide tipped. This is exactly the material you want your saw blades tipped in! Perfect for clean cuts in even abrasive materials
  • Body hardened and tempered. This manufacturing technique ensures that the blade maintains its trueness
  • Front bevel tooth. This is great on wood cutting blades as it gives you a superior quality of cut
  • Roller tensioned. Trend adds this to the manufacturing process of the blades of 250mm and above. It helps prevent distortion when the blade is under stress when rotating and cutting

As any professional knows, fitting the correct blade to your saw for the material you’re cutting and the application you’re performing is vital for your safety, as well as the quality of the cut. Therefore, it’s great that Trend clearly marks the packaging on each CraftPro saw blade with a colour code so you know you’re buying the correct blade.
trend craftpro

Here’s what they mean:

  • Green. These blades are for "universal rip" providing you with a course finish when ripping softwood, hardwood, plywood and exotic timber. Our most popular green blades are the CSB/16524T, CSB/25048and the CSB/AP25084. You can view the full range here.
  • Blue.This denotes a "general purpose" blade, giving you a medium/course finish when ripping soft and hardwood and exotic timber, or ripping and cutting fibre board, plasterboard and cement bonded board.
  • Red. These are "combination" saw blades, suitable for ripping and cutting softwood, hardwood, plywood, cement bonded board and plasterboard

Check out our little infographic below!

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We’re delighted to be stocking the Trend CraftPro range of saw blades as we firmly believe these will be vital additions to your kit, providing you with the quality of cut you deserve from your saws!

Let us know what you think of them in the comments below, along with any questions you may have.

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