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BlueSpot 40536 Assorted Tap Reseater Washer Set (125 Piece)

BlueSpot Tools BlueSpot 40536 Assorted Tap Reseater Washer Set (125 Piece)

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BlueSpot 40536 Assorted Tap Reseater Washer Set (125 Piece)

The BlueSpot 40536 125 piece assorted tap reseater washer set is the perfect product for fixing leaking faucets.


  • Specially designed for fixing leaking faucets
  • Includes handy carrying case for quick and convenient storage
  • Contains 125 assorted washers, o-rings and c-clips


  • O-Rings: 16mm x 2.5mm (x4), 16.7mm x 1.9mm (x4), 14mm x 2.5mm (x8), 12.5mm x 2.5mm (x4), 11mm x 2.5mm (x4), 10mm x 1.5mm (x4), 9.5mm x 2.5mm (x4), 9.5mm x 1.5mm (x4), 6.5mm x 1.5mm (x5), 5mm x 2mm (x4) & 4mm x 1.5mm (x6)
  • Faucet washers: 17mm x 4.2mm x 4mm (x3), 16mm x 3.2mm x 4mm (x3), 14mm x 3.7mm x 4mm (x3), 14mm x 8mm x 4mm (x3), 13mm x 4mm x 4mm (x2), 16.5mm x 10mm x 7mm (x4) & 14mm x 9mm x 6mm (x4)
  • Rubber syphon washers: 44mm x 33mm x 3.5mm (x2) & 30mm x 20mm x 3.5mm (x2)
  • Foam gaskets: 44mm x 28mm x 3mm (x2), 44mm x 26mm x 3mm (x2) & 36mm x 28mm x 3mm (x2)
  • Nylon O-Rings: 21mm x16mm (x2), 19mm x 15mm (x2) & 16.5mm x 11.5mm (x2)
  • Red fibre washers: 24mm x 21mm x 0.8mm (x4), 24mm x 17.5mm x 0.8m (x4), 21mm x 16mm x 0.8mm (x4) & 18mm x 10.5mm x 0.8mm (x4)
  • Aluminium washers: 21mm x 18mm x 0.6mm (x4). C-clips: 12.5mm x 7mm x 0.5mm (x4)
  • Rubber flat washers: 24mm x 15mm x 1.5mm (x4), 21mm x 17mm x 1.5mm (x4) & 21mm x 14mm x 1.5mm (x4).


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