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Bosch GCM12GDL 12" Dual Bevel Glide Mitre Saw + GTA 2500W Mitre Saw Stand 240V

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Bosch GCM12GDL 12" Dual Bevel Glide Mitre Saw plus Bosch GTA2500W legstand

With Evolutionary Performance and Revolutionary design, the Bosch GCM12GDL mitre saw has a gliding head rather than the usual sliding head and provides double bevel with huge vertical and horizontal cutting capacity

GCM12GDL Features:

  • Extreme cutting smoothness because of innovative and maintenance free gliding system
  • Integrated dual line laser supports accurate cuts
  • High vertical and horizontal cutting capacity
  • Top Precision Best for Wood - saw blade part of standard delivery
  • Quality components and effective dust control make seeing the cut line easy every time
  • Robust construction, i.e. does not need to be adjusted during regular use
  • Kerf adjustment (width of lines) according to thickness of sawblade used
  • Eliminates rails to save up to 30 cm workspace; work right up against a wall in hallways or workshop
  • All mitre and bevel adjustments are from the front of the tool, there is no need to reach behind the saw
  • Efficient dust extraction due to optimised suction spouts
  • Pull-out material supports integrated on the right and left with integrated length stop
  • Integrated carrying handle for easy transport

Axial Glide System:

  • Smooth 'Glide Action' - Impermeable sealed bearings provide infinitely smooth and effortless blade travel, no matter the application, material or work environment, for the life of the tool
  • Precise geometrical interaction with system components including long-life high precision machined fences, detents, mitre/bevel settings, etc
  • 'Zero-Maintenance' Guarantee - Robust cast aluminum arm and sealed bearings will never require maintenance

Comes with:

  • 72 tooth blade
  • Dust bag

GTA 2500W Features:

  • Innovative design:
  • Uses the weight of the saw plus gravity to take the strain out of set up
  • One-step set up:
  • Two easy release handles
  • Reduces time spent setting up and breaking down equipment.
  • Universal; strong and safe tool mounts designed for rapid release of the mitre saw
  • Built in extending material supports with easily adjustable repetitive stops
  • Convenient transport of table saw over any distance:
  • Pneumatic wheels for ease of movement over jobsite terrain
  • Safer more well balanced construction
  • Adjustable material supports and repetitive stops are built in
  • High Build Quality:
  • Strong but lightweight 1.5 mm tube steel construction
  • Robust aluminium extending material supports
  • 8" pneumatic tyres for the roughest terrain
  • Intelligent design:
  • Rapid-release universal mitre saw mounts
  • Adjustable levelling feet for stability on uneven surfaces
  • Extension material supports built in
  • Secure and space saving storage of the stand plus machine



  • Power (W): 2000
  • Motor Speed: 3,800
  • Max. Miter angle: (L/R) 52° / 60°
  • Max. Bevel Angle: (L/R) 4r 14r
  • Laser: Yes
  • Trenchcutting: Yes
  • Softstart: Yes
  • Variable Speed Control: Yes
  • Motor break: Yes
  • Pull system: Arial Glide System Rails
  • 0° Mitre / 0° Bevel: 104/110 x 341 mm* (*110mm with spacers)
  • 45° Mitre / 0° Bevel: 104/110 x 240 mm* (*110mm with spacers)
  • 0° Mitre / 45° Bevel 51 x 341 mm
  • 45° Mitre / 45° Bevel 51 x 240 mm
  • Sawblade diameter: 305
  • Number of teeth: 72
  • Dimensions (L D H): 790/565/610 mm
  • Weight (kg): 32.1

GTA 2500W:

  • Wheel Diameter: 8" (203 mm)
  • Tire Tube Size: 1-1/4" (38 mm)
  • Axle Construction: 1616 mm
  • Stand Composition: Extruded Aluminum and tubular steel
  • Height of Stand: 864 mm
  • Width of Stand: 711 mm
  • Weight of Stand: 41 kg
  • Extended Length: 1220 mm
  • Material Height Supports: Yes
  • Material Height Supports Width: 112 mm
  • Universal Mounts: 2 mounts constructed of formed sheetmetal
  • Tool Mount Fast-Lock Mechanism: Yes
  • Material Stops: Yes
  • Rail Extension Locks: Yes
  • Left/ Right Telescoping Out-feeds: Yes