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Bosch GOP10.8V-LI 10.8V Li-ion Multicutter in L-Boxx with 36 Accessories (2 x 2.5Ah Batteries)

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Bosch GOP10.8V-LI 10.8V Li-ion Multicutter in L-Boxx with 36 Accessories (2 x 2.5Ah Batteries) - 6
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Bosch GOP10.8V-LI 10.8 Volt Professional Cordless Multicutter in L-Boxx complete with 2 x 2.5Ah Li-ion batteries, 36 assorted accessories, charger, backing plate and allen key

A cordless, lightweight multitool for sanding, sawing, scraping, cutting and polishing has been introduced by Bosch Professional Power Tools. The batteries use Bosch "Premium Lithium-ion Technology" that provides extended battery life and run time due to ECP (Electronic Cell Protection). A battery charger indicator and 30-minute charger are supplied with the tool.

The multi-tool is ideal for fine and delicate sawing, filigree adjustments in wood and plunge cuts in dry walls and solid wood. The tool also provides a means of grinding and scraping materials from wood and tiles and sanding stone and wood. Due to its compact design, the tool can reach difficult areas and works well in tight spaces.

The L-Boxx system is a collaboration between Bosch and Sortimo. The kitbox is robust and can withstand loads up to 100kg and is compatible with all other L-Boxxes and Sortimo boxes so they click together to make carrying more convenient. They are also a very flexible carrying case because of the large number of accessories they can be stored almost anywhere securely and safely.


  • Cordless with full professional performance - Cutting speed and removal rate of a corded tool Cordless freedom and flexibility: easy set up, no plug needed. Continuous working possible with two batteries and 30min-charger. Strong motor for professional performance.
  • Best Ergonomics - Only 1.0 Kg weight / well balanced. Small grip perimeter with only 175 mm. Soft grip on front gear system for comfort grip even if tool gets warm
  • Premium li-ion technology - Always ready for use: no self discharge. Unmatched battery runtime and 400% longer lifetime. Fuel gauge for charge control.
  • Precise working due to oscillating mechanism - Fine, delicate cuts, no tear out. Precise sanding
  • Access to spaces where no other tool can reach - Able to do precise flush cuts. Plunge cuts in tight spaces. Sanding close to edges
  • High value Bosch accessories - Broad range of original Bosch accessories
  • Perfect for interior renovation work - Less dust than with common sanders

Applications - Cutting:

  • Sawing flush with surface, e.g. cut-off door frames near floor
  • Extremely fine and detailed sawing, e.g. cut-outs in parquet
  • Cut-off small non-ferrous profiles, e.g. aluminium strip
  • Plunge cuts in solid wood, e.g. for installing ventilation grills
  • Flush cutting of wood materials, e.g. cut-off overlapping tenon
  • Cutting soft plastics, e.g. trimming of PVC tubes
  • Cutting slots in porous concrete, e.g. for installing tubes and cables
  • Plunge cuts in drywall, e.g. for power sockets
  • Cut-outs in furniture, e.g. for power sockets
  • Cutting of non-ferrous metal pieces, e.g. flush cuts of copper tubes
  • Filigree adjustments in wood, e.g. cut-outs for strike plates
  • Cutting of soft tiles, e.g. small cut-outs in soft wall tiles

Applications - Grinding & Scraping:

  • Scraping, e.g. remove glue from surfaces after carpet removal, remove paint from window-frame, removal of caulking seams
  • Grinding, e.g. removal of mortar of broken wall or floor tile, level mortar for replacement.
  • Reaming seams between wall or floor tiles, e.g. to remove broken tiles
  • Rasping of wood, e.g. for forming or removing of edges

Applications - Sanding:

  • Sanding, e.g. to remove paint from wooden surfaces
  • Sanding of filigree and detailed objects, e.g. doors or window frames
  • Sanding, e.g. to remove finish from metal surfaces or to plane putty
  • Sanding in difficult to reach areas, e.g. in corners
  • Sanding of stone for polishing and rounding off edges
  • Sanding to prepare wood for painting

Comes with:

  • 2 x 2.5Ah li-ion batteries
  • Charger
  • L-Boxx Kitbox
  • 36 various accessories
  • Velcro backing plate
  • Allen key

PLEASE NOTE - for some HEAVIER applications this tool may only last for 10 minutes per battery charge - please see the Toolstop Blog for more details on this machine


  • Power (w) - 194
  • Batteries - 2 x 2.5 Ah Li-Ion
  • Charging time (mins) - 30
  • Oscillations (of sanding pad) - 5,000 - 20,000 per/min
  • Weight (including battery) - 1.0kg
  • Length (mm) - 280
  • Height (front/back) (mm) - 59/50
  • Width (front/back) (mm) - 61/47
  • 10.8 volts

SKU: BOS-GOP108VLI36-060185807F

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