Mafell PSS3100SE Automatic Panel Saw 110V

Mafell Mafell PSS3100SE Automatic Panel Saw 110V @12836


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Mafell PSS3100SE Automatic Panel Saw with scoring system

The PSS 3100se from MAFELL is the world's first self-driven, rail-guided and mobile panel saw. In a single operation, the portable panel saw system handles cutting of lengths of up to 2800 mm (1101/4 in.) and with the follow-on fence even longer cuts are possible.

The special feature of the PSS 3100se is that the craftsman only has to operate a small control panel but does not have to change position and therefore there is no walking on panels, no stumbling over panel offcuts and no trailing cable or extraction hose.

The automatic sawing feed is simply set to the required speed and drives the saw exactly to the pre-set cutting length limit. There the saw blade automatically moves out of the material and the saw automatically speeds back to the home position in rapid reverse. The constant, pre-settable feed rate and a scoring function ensure cuts of excellent quality.


  • Very little dust generation
  • Portable panel saw system
  • Suitable for cement-bonded panels
  • Follow-on fence for panel formats over 3100 mm (122 1/16 in.)
  • Suitable for plunge cuts with the MAFELL-FLIPPKEIL
  • Considerable price and handling advantages compared to stationary panel saws
  • The guide rail can be separated quickly and easily - a great aid to transportation
  • The perfect system for all panels from e.f. particle boards up to cement fiber panels
  • Precise cutting depth adjustment due to an exact scale
  • Easy to carry by adjustable handle integrated in rail
  • Adjustable stop ensures compliance with desired cutting length and allows the blade to exit the work at the end
  • Saw unit can be set to scoring for tear-free cuts. Due to the scoring cut the cutting edge is shifted slightly
  • The guide rail is separated quickly and easily with the supplied hexagon key driver - a great aid to transportation
  • Ensures seamless cuts even in long workpieces

Comes with:

  • TCT saw blade, wrapped 160 x 1.2/1.8 x 20 mm (65/16 in.), AT, 24 teeth
  • Allen key


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