Metabo BHE 24 2-Function SDS Drill 240V

Metabo Metabo BHE 24 2-Function SDS Drill 240V @12399


Product Discontinued

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Metabo BHE 24 2 Function SDS Drill

BHE 24 with 2 function gearbox: SDS and rotary. Variable speed trigger and quick change chuck capability - three jaw keyless quick change available as accessory (631921000).


  • Metabo hammers hit hard and are perfect for working in hard materials such as stone or concrete
  • The pneumatic hammer mechanism generates high-energy impacts allowing the user to effortlessly drive the bit or chisel into masonry
  • Metabo hammers are versatile, robust, ergonomic, powerful and reliable, all properties that the trade demands
  • Metabo Marathon Motor - Epoxy resin powder coatings on the coil windings and the armature protection grid make the motor completely impervious to harmful dust/debris, thus increasing efficiency and service life
  • Die cast aluminium gear housing - Increases the service life of the machine. The machine is more robust and dissipates heat faster
  • Metabo Safety Clutch - The mechanical clutch slips when a disc/bit jams rotecting machine and user from sudden machine kick back

Comes With:

  • Plastic carry case


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