Metabo KHE 32 3 -Function SDS Drill (With CODE! Security Technology) plus Keyless Chuck 110V

Metabo Metabo KHE 32 3 -Function SDS Drill (With CODE! Security Technology) plus Keyless Chuck 110V @12369


Product Discontinued

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Metabo KHE32 Three Function SDS+ Combi Drill (With CODE! Security Technology) with interchangeable 3 Jaw Keyless Chuck

KHE 32 with 3 function gearbox: SDS, chisel and rotary. Variable speed trigger, VTC electronics for constant speed control under load, CODE! protection against theft and unauthorised use.

Metabo hammers hit hard and are perfect for working in hard materials such as stone or concrete. The pneumatic hammer mechanism generates high-energy impacts allowing the user to effortlessly drive the bit or chisel into masonry. Metabo hammers are versatile, robust, ergonomic, powerful and reliable, all properties that the trade demands.

Other features include:

  • Metabo Marathon Motor - Epoxy resin powder coatings on the coil windings and the armature protection grid make the motor completely impervious to harmful dust/debris, thus increasing efficiency and service life
  • Die cast aluminium gear housing - Increases the service life of the machine. The machine is more robust and dissipates heat faster
  • Metabo Safety Clutch - The mechanical clutch slips when a disc/bit jams protecting machine and user from sudden machine kick back
  • CODE! - for protection against theft an unauthorised use. CODE! key supplied as accessory: 623127000
  • VTC Electronics - Sophisticated electronics for constant speed under heavy loading gives unbeatable drilling performance. Thermal overload and thermal cut-out protection, carbon brush wear indicators and re-start protection

Comes With:

  • Hammer chuck for tools with SDS plus shank end
  • Rubber-coated side handle
  • Drilling depth guide
  • Plastic carry case

Code Key not supplied as standard


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