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Milwaukee 2 x M18B5 Batteries, M12-18FC Rapid Fast Charger and Milwaukee M12 Small Contractors Bag

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Milwaukee 2 x M18B5 Batteries, M12-18FC Rapid Fast Charger and Milwaukee M12 Small Contractors Bag

This eXclusive Toolstop Deal consists of 2 5.0Ah Milwaukee batteries, M12-18FC Rapid Fast Charger and the M12 Small Contractors Bag. The Milwaukee 18V 5.0Ah batteries deliver up to 2.5x more run time, up to 20% more power and up to 2x more battery life compared with other Lithium-Ion technologies and / or with previous Milwaukee battery technology. (Results depend on tool and application). Model M12-18FC is perfect for charging your M12, M14 and M18 batteries packs quickly. It charges 2.0Ah, 4.0Ah, 5.0ah, 6.0Ah and 9.0Ah battery packs and can charge an M12 and M18 at the same time. Its REDLINK technology intelligently communicates with the battery pack to monitor cell voltage and temperature. It also optimises performance and protects and extends the battery life of your M12, M14 and M18 battery packs. The Milwaukee M12 Small Contractors Bag is a nylon woven small holdall with 6 external pockets and a heavy duty zip. This well made bag has a wide mouth and two carry handles. Dimensions when open are 38 x 18 x 19cm.


  • REDLITHIUM-ION protection with Milwaukee REDLINK digital overload protection to prevent users from damaging their cordless power tool investment in abusive situations
  • Individual cell monitoring ensures optimal charge and discharge for maximum life
  • Durable metal frame battery construction with shock responsive separators preventing pack failure from excessive vibrations or drops
  • Water protection routes water away from the electronics & out of the battery pack
  • Extreme hot and cold operating temperatures down to -20°C extend run time & life
  • On-board battery fuel gauge helps the user to maximize his battery run-time efficiency


  • Recharges all M18, M14 and M12 REDLITHIUM-ION battery packs
  • Recharges in sequence - first in, first to charge - resulting in less time needed to manage charging cycles
  • M12 REDLITHIUM-ION 2.0 Ah / 4.0 Ah battery packs recharge in 28 min / 57 min or less
  • M18 REDLITHIUM-ION 2.0 Ah / 4.0 Ah / 5.0 Ah battery packs recharge in 26 min / 47 min / 59 min or less
  • Charges all Milwaukee batteries up to 40% faster
  • Sequential charging
  • REDLINK intelligence communicates directly with the battery
  • REDLINK monitors cell voltage and temperature
  • REDLINK charges to optimise the performance, protect and extend the life of the battery


  • Milwaukee stitched logo
  • 2 padded carry handles
  • Strong zipper
  • External pockets for storage
  • Wide mouth for easy tool selection
  • Hard wearing nylon woven construction
  • Padded base


M18B5 Battery

  • Voltage: 18V
  • Capacity: 5Ah
  • Chemistry: Lithium ion

M12-18FC Charger is Compatible With

  • System: M12 and M18
  • Battery Pack Capacity: 2.0Ah, 4.0Ah, 5.0Ah, 6.0Ah and 9.0Ah
  • Charging Time: 26mins, 47mins or 59 mins

M12 Small Contractor Bag

  • Dimensions when open: 38 x 18 x 19cm