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Rothenberger 8.0012 Kibosh Emergency Pipe Repair for 22mm Pipes (8.0012)

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Rothenberger 8.0012 Kibosh Emergency Pipe Repair suitable for 22mm pipes

This ingenious little gadget will get you out of some tight spots if you ever get a burst pipe. Just clip it over the burst and you have a temporarily repaired pipe until the plumber arrives, and you can continue using your water.


  • No tools or plumbing experience required
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Strong design
  • In most cases can allow the pipe to be kept in use until a plumber can repair permanently
  • Perfect for frost or accidentally damaged water pipes
  • Can eliminate call out charges
  • Can be fitted when a leak is in full flow
  • Prepares you for the worst
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Can be fitted with one hand in tight spaces
  • Can accommodate a leaking solder fitting
  • Can withstand mains water pressure
  • Can be used as a temporary repair for a week
  • An affordable and effective solution


  • For use with water pipes only. Not suitable for pipes carrying Gas, Compressed air, Steam, chemical or Hydraulic pipework
  • Keep out of reach of children, fingers may get trapped when closing
  • May require slight adjustment on the pipe when closed to help rubber seal correctly on deformed pipes
  • The seal may lose effectiveness if kept on the pipe for prolonged periods
  • This device is for temporary repair only and permanent repair should be arranged as soon as possible
  • Once fitted, call a plumber immediately
  • Once fitted, should only be removed by a qualified plumber
  • The device may not seal completely but can help make leak more manageable
  • Easiest closed with the device in one hand. With two members closed tightly together, handle in the heel of the hand and fingers curled around the hinge
  • Keep device open and in the packaging when not in use
  • The device can be fitted when water is pouring from rupture but is easier to fit if water can be turned off
  • Do not keep in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time
  • The seal may deteriorate and flatten after prolonged use
  • If water can be turned off when fitting the device, turn back on slowly and check for leaks
  • When fitting device do not move or pull pipes as this could disturb other pipe fittings causing another leak
  • Once fitted carefully check for leaks and ensure seal is sound
  • Please retain packaging and instruction card for future reference
  • Please dispose of packaging and insert card responsibly. Recycle!
  • Paint, solder, plastic coating, roughcast etc on the surface of pipe will affect performance
  • Please ensure pipe surface is as clean and clear as possible before use
  • Once the device is fitted and water is turned on, please check device has sealed completely
  • Once the device is in position and sealed, DO NOT TOUCH!
  • If in doubt, call a plumber!


  • Fits: 22mm pipes

SKU: ROT-8.0012

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