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Tower T17005 Air Fryer

Tower Tower T17005 Air Fryer @10251


Product Discontinued

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Tower T17005 Air Fryer

The Tower T17005 Air Fryer uses significantly less fat and requiring little to no oil, you can now create a healthier alternative to fried family favourites without compromising on flavour.

Reduce the Fat, Keep the Flavour

Significantly reducing the amount of fat in your meals, this fryer requires little to no oil, allowing you to lose the fat and lock in the flavour for a healthier alternative to fried family favourites. What's more, adjustable temperature control ranging from 80-200°C adjusts to suit a variety of ingredients, great for frying homemade chips, crispy onion rings and battered fish with absolute ease.

Rapid Air Circulation Technology

Featuring innovative Rapid air circulation technology, which works by circulating hot air at a high speed around the fryer, cooking ingredients from all sides and giving you an evenly cooked result every time. The circulating air not only cooks your foods to perfection every time, but the technology also eliminates the need for oil, giving you a faster, easier and healthier way of cooking.

Fried Family Favourites In No Time

Benefing from a large 3.2 litre capacity, giving you plenty of room to fit more of the stuff you love. With room for up to 5 servings, the Air Fryer is perfect for families, or even when you're entertaining friends. The innovative air circulation system means that even with larger portions of food, the Air Fryer still significantly cuts cooking times, giving you and the whole family delicious meals even faster.


  • Cook healthier meals with up to 80% less fat
  • Rapid air circulate system cooks fast and saves energy
  • Has the temperature control of 80-200 degree Celsius
  • Easy clean with dishwasher safe parts
  • Has the capacity of up to five servings


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