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Metabo TS254 Portable Site Saw – Toolstop REVIEW

Metabo TS254 Portable Site Saw – Toolstop REVIEW

Posted by Toolstop Colin on 26th Aug 2013

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In this review we put the Metabo TS254 portable site saw into the hands of a joiner. Read on for a list of the key benefits and features of the saw, plus his video review on Toolstop TV.

Compact. Well designed. Cleverly thought out. Powerful.

These are just some of the comments our reviewer had after testing the Metabo TS254 site saw. You can see the full spec of the machine, along with our best price, by clicking here.

Once you get the saw out of the back of your van, you immediately see how much you’re going to enjoy using it. Weighing in at a more-than-manageable 33.4kg, it’s not going to strain your back.

Then simply pull up the handle, lock it with a twist, and you’re ready to wheel the saw wherever you need it to be.

How To Set Up the Metabo TS254 Site Saw

Obviously the perceived challenge is getting a saw like the TS254 actually set up and ready to cut.

Our reviewer, Neil Bradbury of Avalon Builders, admitted that he’d glanced at the pictures in the instruction manual before attempting to get the saw up and ready to use. And he was pleasantly surprised at how intuitive and easy the process was.

  • Step 1: The handle you’ve been using to pull the saw about on its wheels is also one of it’s legs. Simply pull out the other leg, using the red button to lock it in place
  • Step 2: From the other side of the saw, you reach underneath, releasing the clips holding each of the legs, pulling them down into positions
  • Step 3: Remove the dust extraction pipe from the leg, locking the leg in place with the red button
  • Step 4: You’ve now got a table saw

It’s worth pointing out, however, that a great benefit of this saw is that you can use it without the legs extended, allowing you to work at almost ground level should you need to.

Everything in One Place

Another key benefit of the Metabo TS254 site saw, as observed by Neil, is that fact that all the tools you need to safely use it are all in one place, built into the body of the saw itself.

The blade guard is located on the right-handside of the saw, detach from its holder and clip onto the slot above the blade.

The guide fence is located below the blade guard. Detach and slot it onto the table, locking it in place with the red handle.

As Neil states, “it’s a very good, stable fence. You can push against it, no movement, and it’s not trying to wiggle around on the bed.”

It also features the ability to extend in or out as needed.

A cross-cutting fence is also supplied, and like before, is built right into the body of the saw. Look for it on the left-handside.

Safety when using a saw like the TS254 is paramount. Hence you must use a push stick when appropriate.

Yet it’s likely you’ve, at one time or another, lost, your saws push stick. Metabo have considered this, and like the guide fence and blade guard, have built the stick into the body of the saw.
metabo ts254 push stick

The colour red is key, the push stick being so coloured and housed directly in front of you when you cut.

Adjusting the TS254’s Blade

The Metabo TS254’s blade is set in the down position for transportation. Adjusting it so that you can make a cut is very easy to do.

Again, look for the colour red; the blade adjuster sits at the front of the saw with a red knob. Wind the red knob until you’ve got the blade set to the desired height.
Similarly to adjust the angle of the cut, turn the adjuster wheel until you’ve set the blade to angle you wish to cut, clearly marked on the scale.
Metabo TS254 site saw review

Build Quality and Capacities

As Neil notes in his video review (watch it here), the TS254 not only boasts great portability, it also features the benefit of great build quality.

The stand and tubular frame of the saw are made of die cast steel. Dust extraction, which Metabo are good at (click here for more info), is a great feature with the extraction tube built into the table, and the table top, while being tough and able to handle a knock, also offers a smooth surface for your work pieces to glide over; no resistance.

Spec is as follows:

Max cutting height 90/45° Rip capacity Cutting speed Max. cutting width at parallel guide Saw Blade Blade Swivel Range
87mm/50mm 630mm 56m/s 630mm Ø 254 x 30 mm -1,5° bis 46,5°

Safety and Productivity

Metabo make it clear on their website what the TS254 site saw offers you in terms of safety and productivity, two areas that should be on the top of your list of benefits when buying a saw like this.

For your safety:

  • Fast motor brake brings the saw blade to a standstill in just 3 seconds
  • No-volt release switch – prevents accidental startup of the machine after a power cut
  • Dual port dust extraction for low dust working

For your productivity:

  • High torque 2,200 Watt motor with electronic overload protection
  • Riving knife that can be lowered without needing tools for short setup times
  • Automatic resetting to 0 – 45 ° after undercuts

Seeing it In Action

As mentioned, here’s our video review of the Metabo TS254 site saw where you’ll see all of the above in action.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Metabo TS254, or if you’ve got any questions about it, please comment below!

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