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TOOLSTOP takes pride in the accessibility of its website. This site has been designed with a number of accessibility features which are listed below.

Alternative Text

Images on our website have alternative text attributes, often known as alt text. When an image is used on our web page to convey information, its content is also described in the alt text. This helps text browsers and assistive technologies such as screen readers navigate our page.

Readable and Resizable Fonts and Layout

The TOOLSTOP website uses font sizes that you can control using your web browser.

Browser documentation on this can be found: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari or in the documentation of your browser.

The website's fonts have been chosen for their legibility on computer screens. The website's layout has been designed to stretch to fill the width of the browser so that you can resize the browser to suit your viewing preferences.

Minimising the use of Images

Live text is used rather than graphics wherever possible to reduce page download time and to increase your control over text size.

Help us to help you

We seek to meet the Priority A, AA, and selected AAA guidelines of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Our website is tested on a regular basis using a combination of automated tools to identify potential problem areas and manual testing to ensure we meet the spirit as well as the letter of the W3C's accessibility guidelines.

Inevitably, we won't always get it right, and with thousands of pages of content we are bound to miss some problems, but we are committed to addressing any access issues promptly. And that's where we'd like your help. If you experience any difficulties in accessing our website, or have trouble using any aspect of the website, we'd like you to let us know.


This website uses a print stylesheet. The size of the print text will reflect the text option you have selected within the website. For example, if you have large print selected on the website, the page will print in large print.