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Disc Cutters

Toolstop is your ultimate destination for high-performance disc cutters, designed for the precise cutting of various materials. Also known as stone and metal cutters, our disc cutters are versatile machines used for tasks such as brick cutting, concrete cutting, slab cutting, and more.

What are Disc Cutters?

Disc cutters, also referred to as cut-off saws or concrete saws, are powerful tools equipped with diamond cutting discs. They are designed to cut through tough materials like concrete, stone, metal, and tiles with precision and efficiency. At Toolstop, we offer disc cutters in different diameters to suit various cutting requirements.

Our range includes corded (110V & 240V) and cordless disc cutters from top brands like Makita. Whether you need a compact electric disc cutter for indoor projects or a robust cordless option for outdoor use, we have the perfect solution for every job.

Shop Disc Cutters at Toolstop​​

Enhance the performance of your disc cutter with our range of diamond cutting discs. With our range of diameters and power options, Toolstop ensures you have the tools you need to achieve professional results.