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Saw Horses & Workbenches

Discover the ultimate stability and support for your woodworking and construction projects with our range of saw horses and workbenches at Toolstop. We stock high-quality saw horses and work benches from top brands like DeWalt, Excel, and Stanley, designed to provide a reliable workspace for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Why Choose Our Saw Horses and Work Benches?

Saw Horses: These are portable supports, typically sold in pairs, designed to hold lumber or sheet materials for sawing, drilling, sanding, or other tasks. They are lightweight, and easy to set up and break down, making them ideal for temporary work areas or job sites. Some saw horses come with adjustable heights and foldable legs for added convenience.

Workbenches: These are more permanent workstations that provide a sturdy and stable platform for a wider range of woodworking tasks. Workbenches come in various sizes and configurations, offering features like built-in storage, vices, and tool holsters to enhance functionality. Some workbenches are foldable for increased portability when needed.

Here are some key features and benefits of our products:

  • Robust Construction: Built to withstand heavy loads and rough use on job sites
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for cutting, sanding, assembly, and other tasks
  • Adjustable Heights: Easily customise the height to suit your working preference
  • Folding Designs: Compact and portable for easy transportation and storage
  • Stability and Support: Non-slip surfaces and sturdy legs ensure maximum stability

Choosing the Right Saw Horses or Workbench

At Toolstop, we offer a wide selection of saw horses and work benches from trusted brands. Whether you need a carpenter’s horse for woodworking or a folding saw horse for on-the-go projects, our collection includes top-quality models to meet your needs.

Shop now and enjoy fast delivery and exceptional customer service.