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Saw Horses & Workbenches

Explore Saw Horses & Workbenches at Toolstop

Equipping your workshop with the right work surface is essential for various woodworking tasks. Saw horses and workbenches offer versatile and practical solutions for supporting materials during cutting, assembling, clamping, and other projects.

What are Saw Horses & Workbenches and How Do They Differ?

Saw Horses: These are portable supports, typically sold in pairs, designed to hold lumber or sheet materials for sawing, drilling, sanding, or other tasks. They are lightweight, easy to set up and break down, making them ideal for temporary work areas or job sites. Some saw horses come with adjustable heights and foldable legs for added convenience.

Workbenches: These are more permanent workstations that provide a sturdy and stable platform for a wider range of woodworking tasks. Workbenches come in various sizes and configurations, offering features like built-in storage, vices, and tool holsters to enhance functionality. Some workbenches are foldable for increased portability when needed.

Choosing the Right Saw Horses or Workbench

Selecting the appropriate solution depends on your specific needs and workspace:

Project Requirements: Consider the types of tasks you'll be undertaking. Saw horses are suitable for temporary support during cutting or assembly, while workbenches provide a more robust platform for various woodworking projects.

Workspace Availability: If space is limited, consider foldable saw horses or workbenches for easy storage. For larger workshops, a permanent workbench might be preferable.

Portability Needs: For on-site jobs or temporary work areas, portable saw horses offer a convenient solution.

Budget: Saw horses are generally a more affordable option compared to feature-rich workbenches.

At Toolstop, we offer a comprehensive range of saw horses and workbenches from reputable brands like BuildCraft, DeWalt, Excel, and Stanley. Explore our extensive selection to find the perfect work platform for your needs. We have folding saw horses, portable workbenches, and sturdy stationary workbenches to suit any workshop!