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Voltage Testers

Ensure Electrical Safety with Reliable Voltage Testers

Voltage testers are essential tools for electricians, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone working with electrical systems. They provide a safe and convenient way to detect the presence and level of voltage in electrical circuits, helping to prevent accidents and injuries.

What are Voltage Testers and How Do They Work?

Voltage testers come in various designs, but they all share a core function: detecting the presence and sometimes the level of voltage in a circuit. Here are some common types:

Non-contact Voltage Testers: These testers utilise a sensor to detect the presence of an electric field surrounding live wires without physically touching them. They typically emit an audible beep or illuminate an LED light to indicate voltage detection.

Contact Voltage Testers: These testers require physical contact with the circuit (usually via probes) to detect voltage. They may have an indicator light or a display that shows the voltage level.

Multifunction Testers: These combine voltage detection with other functionalities like continuity testing (checking for complete circuits) and resistance measurement.

Choosing the Right Voltage Tester

Selecting the appropriate voltage tester depends on a few key factors:

Application: Consider the intended use. If you require a simple tool for basic voltage detection, a non-contact tester might suffice. For more advanced applications or professional use, a contact voltage tester or a multifunction tester might be a better choice.

Safety Features: Look for testers with features like overload protection and double insulation for enhanced user safety.

Voltage Range: Ensure the tester can measure the voltage range you'll be working with. Common household circuits operate at 240V AC, but some applications might require testers for higher voltages.

Brand and Features: Toolstop offers reliable voltage testers from Sealey. Consider the additional features offered by different testers, such as voltage level displays or audible alarms, to choose the one that best suits your needs.

At Toolstop, we offer a variety of voltage testers from Sealey to suit various electrical testing needs. Explore our range of non-contact voltage testers, contact voltage testers, and multifunction testers. Find the perfect voltage tester to ensure your safety when working with electrical systems!